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TEN Spring Water

TEN spring water is rich with essential alkaline minerals and electrolytes. The higher level of pH provides a great-taste. TEN spring water comes from natural springs and it holds its pH level for up to two years. Be careful, because some water companies can get their water from a tap and place it through a purification process and claim a pH of 10. TEN water comes from underwater caves deep below the earth’s surface.


Catered Fit is a South Florida home delivery service that allows you to customize your meals. Individuals can choose to have one meal a day, or all three meals. The program offers several meal packages (see the picture below) to meet the needs of its customers. The meals are delivered to your front door in a black lunch box each evening from Sunday to Thursday.

Home Chef

Home Chef is a home delivery service. First, you choose your meal plan based on dietary and delivery preferences. Second, your pre-portioned ingredients are delivered to your house in a box that keeps your items cool. Finally, you cook easy-to-follow recipes. Most meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Hello Fresh

I heard about Hello Fresh from an ad online, and I was pretty interested. I live a very busy life with long shifts and minimal time to make the meals that I used to make in my pre-marriage days. Lol! Ladies, you know which meals I'm talking about. The meals that make your date say "wow," it taste so good that he tells his mother, or he drops down to one knee and proposes type of meals. Don't misinterpret me! I still cook my husband dinner. I just don't spend all day cooking my husband dinner.