Top 15 Items That Everyone Must Have This Summer

The summer is all about relaxing, enjoying great food, and spending quality time with your family and friends. I have created a list of the top items that you must have in your purse or tote bag as you combat the Florida sun and enjoy the dining life! All of the items have been linked to Amazon to provide easy access and fast purchasing power for you. Enjoy your summer items!

I do not endorse any product that I do not personally use. Send us an email if your enjoyed our suggestions or have a recommendation for a better product.

Our list is subject to modification to meet your needs and to better serve you.

1. Fiji Water

Every foodie in Florida must stay hydrated! Not only is this the best water that I have ever tasted, it comes in 500 ml so that you can easily throw it in your bag. Check out my article called, "I Have A Confession." I talk about my disdain for drinking water and how Fiji water is the only drinking water that I actually guzzle down my throat. Order the 24 bottle carton for only $22.56!

2. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless

The Fitbit has changed my life! Every foodie needs to stay accountable! Each morning I track how many hours I slept. Then, I input my calorie intake as the day progresses and it lets me know how many more calories I need to burn to maintain or lose weight. I can even compete with my friends to see who had the most steps in the last day, week, or weekend. The benefits are endless! It's swimsuit season in Florida all year long....oh yeah, and it's good for your heart too!

3. Nest Learning Thermostat

When my husband initally purchased this product, I literally rolled my eyes. "Really," I thought. "We can't even walk to the thermostat to change the temperature anymore." However, I must admit, this product is genious! You can control the temperature in your house from your phone and it learns your cooling preferences so that it can change the temperature to suit your needs automatically. When I'm hot in the middle of the night or coming home from dinner on a hot evening, I adjust the temp on my phone and all is well!

4. Aveeno Positively Smooth Shave Gel

This is a summer-must-have for everyone! You will get the smoothest shave ever. TMI coming your way - Earlier this week, I realized that I needed to shave on my way to a function. I bought this product and a razor at the convience store. I used bottle water that I had in my car and I promise legs were smoother than they've been in years. No kidding, when I walked into the building a friend of mine commented on my legs. It makes such a big difference! Don't go out without it! You'll thank me later!

5. Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub Cleanser

Whether you're a foodie or a traveler, everyone needs to have a clean face. We'll never know how much the food we eat effects our skin, so stay one step ahead and keep it clean. I used to be hesitant to use Oil of Olay cleansers because of the price. However, once you use it you'll understand why the price is higher than most convenient store brands. It really has a higher quality than even a department store cleanser. The only other products that I use on my face are the products from "Meaningful Beauty" by Cindy Crawford and the price is substantially higher. 

6. FruitFused Twist Cap Water Bottle

Florida's land has been blessed with the best tasting fruit this country has to offer. Throw some fruit in this water bottle and get a refreashing taste every time. You can even fill the bottle up with more water and the taste of the fruit is expressed instantly. At the end of the day,  empty the container and enjoy a little fruit snack. I bring it to work all of the time. Watch your co-workers stare at your refreshing drink. It's definitely a conversation starter! 

7. Monopoly and Scrabble Chocolate Edition

Summer is the season for everyone to claim that they are so bored. Well, now you can take this game on the go or enjoy it in your home. I'm actually nibbling on the chocolate right now from my Scrabble game. This milk chocolate is so yummy! I only have two pieces left and I still haven't played one game of Scrabble yet! Enjoy this treat. Maybe, the winner of your game can eat all of the chocolate. 

8. Shout Wipe & Go Wipes

Every foodie knows that you're bound to get some food on your nice new shirt at the worse possible time. Keep these in your purse or car to save you some embarrassment. I call it the magic wipe because the stain vanishes!

9. Magic Bullet Nutribullet

The best way to cool yourself down on a hot Florida day or start your day off with the proper nutrients is with a Magic Bullet. It easily blends your fruit, vegetables, and ice into a smoothly blended smoothie or juice. The drinks taste great and you can feel great about your decision. The clean up is super easy! Try it out!

11. Handbag Holding Purse Holder

I just sat down to eat in a restaurant....Now, where should I put my purse? Nobody wants to put their purse on the floor or place it in a chair unattended. Now, you can use this sturdy purse holder to hang your bag from the table. It works with all bags and weigthts. Trust me, if it can hold up my mother's bag, it can hold up yours! I think my mother's purse could be used as a suitcase! 

10. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

You cannot be a foodie without hand sanitizer! This should always be in your purse, car, or pocket! There are way too many germs in restaurants and on people's hands to touch your food without using this first. People can be gross....don't get sick. Stock up!

12. Level Terrain FlipBelt Waist Pouch

After you've eaten all of those calories, it's time to get a work-out in. This flip belt holds your keys, phone, and anything else that you're carrying in your hands. As a woman, I feel so much safer knowing that my hands are free if needed and my mase is attached to my FlipBelt. It helps you to work-out with a sense of peace.

13. Oral B Glide Floss

Nothing is worse than seeing a foodie with yesterday's meal still stuck in between his or her teeth. Floss each day to practice good hygiene. Food can get stuck between your teeth, cause bad breath, or even build up over time. Allow your friends and your partner to enjoy their food experiences with you. Purchase some floss today. 

14.  2.5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser

Whether your fesitivities are outside or inside, great drinks are needed for every party. This dispenser adds a sophistocated and fun addition to any party. Also, I noticed if you put water in here, your guest won't waste your water bottles by only drinking them halfway and leaving them everywhere. It's a must for the summer parties ahead!

15. The Florida Palate

This site is a must for all foodies for the summer and beyond! Email me, write on one of our social media pages, or just observe. Whatever you do....enjoy the fun! We're just getting starting and we have a lot of territory to cover!

I hope you enjoyed our list.

We will have a new list for the Fall season.