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Top 10 Things To Do In Cancun, Mexico

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Cancun, Mexico: Hotel District

Cancun, Mexico has become a second home to my husband and myself for many years! We went to Cancun on vacation in 2011 and it changed our outlook on vacations. Mexico offered us the best prices, most memorable customer service, and the greatest immersion of culture. As soon as I tell my family members that we're going on a vacation to Mexico, they usually say, "Again?!" What can we say? We really love Mexico! My passion and yearly trips have given me a lot of Mexican wisdom and I would like to share the top 10 things to do in Cancun, Mexico with you!

1. Enjoy the beach - it's impossible to go to Cancun, Mexico and not get in the water. The turquoise hues of the water glistens in the sun and the white, soft sand will call your name ever so softly. Although, the beaches in Cancun are picturesque, the water can get a little choppy and the waves do get very high. So, enjoy the pull of the waves, but try not to go out too far.

Playa Tortugas, Playa Marlin, and Playa Delfines are the free, local beaches in Cancun, Mexico. If your accommodations do not include a beach or you want to hang out with the locals, these beaches would be the beach for you. Playa Tortugas has restaurants along its beach, a pier used for bungee jumping, and daily ferries available to bring you to Isla Mujeres. Playa Marlin is a quieter public beach equipped with beach chairs and lifeguards. Playa Delfines is the quietest beach of the three. It is underdeveloped, doesn't have lots of crowds, and it doesn't have any restaurants along the beach.

Tips: Don't forget to apply and reapply your sunscreen.

2. Enjoy the food - Mexican food is my absolute favorite! Who doesn't love a taco at breakfast? In Cancun, you will get to try so many tasty Mexican treats everywhere you go! The hotel zone is full of local food spots, known food chains, and restaurants in each hotel.

Tips: Ask the concierge at your hotel for safe and tasty restaurants near your hotel.


3. Xcaret - My favorite excursion in Mexico has to be Xcaret. It's like the Disney World of Mexico. It has more than 50 attractions, a jungle, underground rivers to snorkel, and the Caribbean Sea borders the site to enjoy allow you to enjoy day at the beach. Xcaret offers an amazing buffet lunch, and you're able to purchase a ticket that includes your lunch in the total price. Also, there are Mexican dances, Mayan archaeological sites, and a Mexican show in the evening. It's almost hard to imagine that there is so much to do at one location, but somehow, Xcaret has made it happen!

Tip: The excursion can be bought for half a day or a full day. In half a day, you won't get to see everything that Xcaret has to offer, but in a full day you will be exhausted. Make sure that you bring mosquito repellent because there are a lot of mosquitoes there in the evening. Also, they have more iguanas there than I have ever seen at one location in my life.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

4. Visit Isla Mujeres - this island translates to "the island of women." If Cancun is known for its nightlife and beaches, Isla Mujures greatly contrast the hotel zone and offers relaxation and peaceful moments. The island is four miles long and is just a 20 minute ferry ride from Cancun.

My husband and I rented a golf cart and toured the whole island. It was a great way to see the people, take in the landscape, and see the entire island. Isla Mujeres is known for its sea turtles and its ancient temple that honors the Mayan moon goddess.

Tips: If you're looking for excitement, this is not the island for you. However, if you want to take it easy and explore some new territory, hop on the ferry and visit Isla Mujeres.


5. Visit Tulum - Tulum is a resort town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, located south of Cancún. The 13th-century, walled Mayan archaeological site at Tulum National Park overlooks the sea. It incorporates the clifftop Castillo, the Templo de las Pinturas, and further inland is the Coba. The clifftop Castillo has been used as a watch tower because it is the only archaeological site that sits on a seashore. It has received the title for being the most photographed site in that particular region and possibly in the entire country. Under the cliff, lies Paradise Beach and it is considered one of the best beaches in Riviera Maya. The Templo de las Pinturas has a partially restored mural. Inland, the Cobá is an archaeological site that has pyramid-shaped temples with views looking over the surrounding jungle. There is so much history and beauty in Tulum!

Tips: Bring your camera because you will be able to gather some prime footage in Tulum.

Chichen Itza

6. Chichen Itza - is a large Mayan archaeological site and one of the most renowned landmarks on the Yucatán. The site itself was originally the central point of Mayan civilization. The focal point of the ruins is El Castillo. El Castillo is a pyramid that was once used by Mayans as a temple to honor the god Kukulkan. 

Tips: You can avoid crowds by visiting the site in the early morning before the tour buses arrive. Make sure to bring water, bug repellent, comfortable shoes, and a hat. Chichén Itzá is about a 2½-hour car or bus ride from Cancun.

Xplor Fuego Park

7. Xplor Fuego Park - is an adventurous, all-inclusive park full of activities like zip-lines, swimming, river rafting, and discovering ancient caves in an underground world. The park offers a barbecue buffet and many other meals options. In addition, all guests have access to unlimited non-alcoholic beverages.

Tip: This site is for thrill seekers. So,bring your A-game!

8. Avenida Kukulkan - This is the main road in Cancun's hotel zone and it stretches from downtown Cancun to the airport. The avenue is lined with lots of things to do, see, and eat. My husband and I used the very economical bus service to travel along the Avenida Kukulkan. It was extremely easy to navigate along the hotel zone via the bus or walking. My husband and I went to the central mall and the movie theater on Avenida Kukulkan. There are guards on every corner and we felt extremely safe.

Tips: Be careful if you're walking because there are bodies of water along the strip and crocodiles have been known to lurk in the water. So, stay on the ocean side of the street.

Snorkeling at one one the underground rivers at Xcaret

9. Snorkeling - A visit to Cancun, Mexico is not complete unless you dive into the crystal clear waters of the Mayan Riviera or Cozumel. Most of the Cancun area has very clear water and has a tremendous amount of sea life, which allows you to find great snorkeling spots.

Tip: You may want to bring your own snorkeling gear because many locations provide you with used mouth pieces.

10. Swim with the Dolphins - Delphinus Punta Cancún allows visitors to swim with dolphins out of the Hyatt Ziva. The Hyatt Ziva is conveniently located in hotel zone, and it offers multiple opportunities to swim, ride, or interact with dolphins.

Tips: Brace yourself for the cost of the pictures. They are expensive.

These options are just the tip of the iceberg of things to do in Cancun, Mexico. The city is focused on tourism and they have thought of everything possible to keep you entertained. If you would like more ideas or would like me to help you book a trip to Cancun or any other location, you can email me at lisa@exclusivetravelpartners.com My services are free!

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