• Lisa Marie

Top 10 Reasons To Go To Alaska On Holland America's Cruise

1. Comprehensive Experience - The cruise immersed us in the culture,the food, and the history of each port. There were webinars, cooking classes, and different activities to help us to learn about the actual port before we arrived.

2. Service - The service was amazing! I can't say enough about the staff on the Holland America cruise. The staff helped us get on the ship smoothly, took care of our cabin, served us with a smile in the dining room, and and the cruise director did a great job and always went above and beyond their call of duty.

3. Mind, Body, and Soul - I now know why Oprah partnered with Holland of America. They both share the same philosophies of taking care of the body on the inside and out. The cruise offers a comprehensive spa with massages, acupuncture, and Asian therapeutic treatments. My husband and I even learned about stress within our body and how to alleviate pain in our feet. He bought an arch for his shoes and he still wears it now.

4. View the Hubbard Glacier - the Oosterdam is a small enough ship to see the Hubbard Glacier. The bigger, commercial ships are too big to fit within the canal so they have to alter their itinerary. The Hubbard Glacier was a highlight of our trip and I am so happy that we were able to see it.

5. You get to meet the entertainers - Holland America creates an intimate environment with the staff and the guests. You can have "Coffee with the Entertainer" in a small setting. We were able to ask questions and talk about anything. Jessica Jane is a prominent magician from television and I never thought that I would get the opportunity to talk to her about her childhood and magician family history over a cup of coffee. It was very exciting!

6. Webinars - the Holland of America cruise line educates you about the people, animals, and relevant information about the next port. The information is presented in a cool 2 dimensional format by the cruise director. It's almost like experiencing an IMAX theater instructed by a human, at see. If you can't imagine it....Don't worry, you'll understand when you get there. I loved it!

7. Great Food - I loved the food in the dining room. I was impressed because there was always a great variety. For breakfast, there menu included everything you could think of! I was blown away by their fish and chips, pastas, vegetarian options, and a long list of lunch/dinner choices. Holland America purposely served fish and chips because they wanted to offer a meal that coincided with our first Alaskan ports. They think of everything! They make sure that every portion of the trip coincides with each other. There is also a buffet, specialty restaurants, and a restaurant by the pool.

8. Excursion center - this cruise line offers an actual center with trained experts to help you figure out which excursion fits each person. They have pictures, detailed descriptions, and a personal touch to help the guests to make a great decision. They even had tables with touch screen apps to plan out your entire trip.

9. Great ports - The ports are incredible. We really felt like we got to truly explore Alaska. Seattle, Washington was the location for embarkation and disembarkation. It was a perfect place to fly into because Seattle is a great city. I would actually recommend flying in two days prior to the cruise to get enough time to sight see in Seattle.

10. We're going to Alaska, as a group on the Oosterdam June 21-28, 2020! That's the best reason ever to make new friends, explore the ports together, and have a great time.

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