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That's Mine Craft Burger and Beer

That's Mine Craft Burger and Beer is a new restaurant that opened up in North Miami Beach earlier this year. It's name, so cleverly, mimics the words that we all repeated throughout our early childhood stages. "That's mine" shows the possession and ownership that toddlers experience with everything in their surroundings during their early developmental stages. However, what happens when you're a grown adult and you're still possessive over your food?! Well, "That's Mine Craft Burger and Beer" not only lets their guests create their very own burger from start to finish, but encourages their guest to eat their entire meal alone or share it with your friends and family! The choice is up to you! It's every toddler and adult's dream come true.

Rafael Perez Cambana and Philip Harbin are the culinary partners behind North Miami's newest burger restaurant, That's Mine Craft Burger and Beer. The two chefs partnered with a brand developer by the name of Juan Allen to market the new concept. The three men created the restaurant that we see today, with Cambana and Harbin behind the recipes and Allen behind the creation of the name of the restaurant. The name of the restaurant was inspired by Allen's toddlers, who repeatedly say "mine" all of the time. So, the mine expression became the perfect tagline for the premise of the restaurant.

My husband and I stopped by That's Mine Craft Burger and Beer restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. We thought the idea of creating our own burger from start to finish was an extremely cool concept. We always make modifications on our burgers at other restaurants, but we've never been encouraged to make changes and create a burger of art. We were given choices for our bun, burger toppings, sides, and even shake options. I chose the Impossible Burger with blue cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado (picture below: burger on the right) and my husband ordered an Impossible burger with onions, blue cheese, and lettuce (picture below: burger on the left). In our humble burger opinion, the burgers were average. We've had many Impossible Burgers in Florida and this one did not blow us away. The regular beef burgers might be better, so you have to stop by and let us know your thoughts.

Guests can also order a house burger or slider if they want to pick an option that has already been developed by the chef. The house burger and sliders range from an American Classic Burger, Impossible Burger, Pork and Blue Burger, La Kahuna Burger, a Lambastic Burger, The French Turkey Burger, and the Asian Salmon Burger. There are so many options!

We couldn't leave without trying a shake and some beer. They were out of the Chocolate For You shake, so we tried the Hazel Nut shake. The Hazel Nut Shake is served with Nutella, whipped cream, Ferroro Rocher, crushed hazelnut, and waffles. For me personally, this shake is a little too sweet. However, if you're a Nutella lover, you will feel like you won the lottery with this treat.

My husband tried the beer and he was really impressed. The beer is served from a cool beer dispenser that fills the cup from the bottom of the cup.

Overall, I loved the concept of customizing a burger and a shake. However, I think that the Impossible Burger and the french fries need a little work. I believe that with time, this restaurant will reflect the flavors that the North Miami community is craving.

That's Mine Craft Burgers and Beer. 14813 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami Beach; 786-774-2299; thatsmineburgers.com

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