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PM Buenos Aires Fish & Steak House

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

PM Buenos Aires Fish & Steak House has captured a piece of Argentina and placed it right in South Florida's backyard. This restaurant's recipes and roots were founded in South America and the Argentinian owners have been gracious enough to share this restaurant with Miami, Florida

My husband and I stopped by PM Buenos Aires on a Saturday afternoon. The outside of the restaurant was well manicured, with lush shrubs overlaying an over-sized brick wall. The restaurant's sign is colossal and created some foresight into the magnitude of flavors, skill, and gourmet options within. The brick walls continued into the interior of the restaurant. I looked around and took it all in, and it reminded me of a remote city in South America. In fact, I learned that PM Buenos Aires is named after a city in Puerto Madero, Argentina.The brick walls and classic appearance made very traditional statements. However, PM Buenos Aires Fish & Steak House's interior decor shows that they are completely in touch with the modern generation.

We started off with cocktails. As I've stated before, I can tell a lot about a restaurant by their drinks. PM Buenos Aires did not disappoint us at all! I had the Buenos Aires Absolut Pear vodka Mojito, fresh lychee puree, homemade mojito syrup, and fresh mint and later on I ordered a moscow mule topped with ginger cubes. They were both made perfectly and so refreshing!

We started off with the Tuna Tartare. This dish was absolutely amazing! It's served with crackers and Argentina's favorite; the heart of palm. The fish was so fresh and the dish embodied so much flavor with each bite.

As we continued to eat and wonder why we just found out about PM Buenos Aires, the grilled octopus was served. I can honestly say that I'm not a huge fan of octopus. However, PM Buenos Aires made the best octopus that I've ever had! It was so good that it didn't even taste like octopus. The texture was absolutely perfect.

Just to make my heart skip a beat, the server brought out Souffle Potatoes drizzled with cheese. I was in carb heaven! Who thought of this? It was a dream come true and it tasted even better than it looked. I had to literally tell myself to stop eating the Souffle Potatoes so that I could save room for the rest of the meal.

For the main dish, my husband and I had the grilled snapper and vegetables. The fresh, red snapper was prepared with a Mexican prep style and the vegetables were made over coals. The fish was served and filleted at the table beside us. Then, our server created a beautiful presentation on our plate.

Would I recommend this restaurant? Absolutely! The meal was full of South American flavors from start to finish. I'm thinking of special occasions coming up in my life, so I can tell my family and friends to gather there soon. This is a great restaurant for families, friends, business partners, or a date. It has a beautiful covered terrace in the back of the restaurant that really adds to the ambiance.

Stop by and let me know what you think!

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