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Delicious Raw Kitchen Juice Bar (Davie, Florida)

Delicious Raw is a vibrant colored cafe, with an equally vibrant menu to coincide with its Zen like decor and open atmosphere. They have a list of smoothies that run the spectrum of the color wheel. Their food is equally as refined as it is adventurous. It’s a plant-based fare with everything from mesmerizing acai bowls to vegan burgers that could charm even the staunchest of omnivore’s into considering a switch!

The menu was so vast and different, I literally had a difficult time trying to pinpoint what to try for my first time. Do I go bold and adventurous and try something I never had before or do I find something I know and recognize and see if I like it the way they interpret it. So, here’s a little background into my pyscho psyche… Whenever I try a new Italian place, unless it’s a fancy or well-known place, the first thing I always order is spaghetti and meatballs… Why? Because it’s one of the easiest dishes to prepare. So, if you make an ok one or a great one, I’ll be back to try other things, why, because you got a staple right! If you mess up one of the simplest dishes on Earth, the rest of your food is now tainted and I’m never coming back!!! I decided to stick with my process, it hasn’t failed me yet… Also, my wife was with me and she’s always the adventurous one! So, I knew I’d have at least 2 things to sample in order to craft a fair opinion. After we fully assessed the menu with help from an amazing staff, who answered all of our questions to the fullest and gave us ideas as to what would work for us, we proceeded to order.

I ordered the “Sunset on 5th” smoothie made with Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple, Orange, Almond Milk as my smoothie and for my entrée I dined on the “Pure Panino” which was of a House-made vegan bread that was toasted, with a mélange of roasted vegetables, vegan pesto, creamy smoked mayo. My wife ordered a Liquid Sunshine smoothie made with Pineapple, Mango, Aloe, Orange, Coconut Water. Along with the big “Nobl Burger” which was a Vegan Burger topped with Scratch-made Pickles, Smoked Aioli, Truffle Infused Garlic Dijon, Baby Spinach, Roasted Tomato, Roasted Portobello and Bermuda Onion. Served on a House-made Vegan Brioche Bun and accompanied by a Root Salad dressed in Roasted Garlic and Lemon, it came with a side diced sweet potato lightly seasoned. The sweet potato was a bright, beautiful addition to the plate that was the perfect accoutrement.

First let me say I tried both smoothies, both were good, but mine was better! I liked the texture of my smoothie. Hers was too smooth for me… Yes, I know it’s called a SMOOTHie, but I like mine with a little texture, which I got from the seeds from the strawberries in mine. I could go back just for the smoothie alone. So now time for the moment of truth… Before I go on, let me say I chose this place because I wanted to expand myself beyond my usual meat and gluten filled cuisine to try and broaden my taste buds’ horizons. So again, time for the moment of truth. As we sat outside on a sunny but cool day, our server approached us with the plates. As she set them down, they looked amazing! They definitely pass the eye test. They also smelled really good, passing the nose test as well! Now time for the taste test…

As I sat there with fear in my eyes and apprehension in my heart, my wife looked over at me after the server walked away and said to me under her breath while gritting her teeth together “Stop being such a baby… PICK IT UP AND EAT IT!” I instantly had a flashback to my mother looming over me at the dinner table, as I sat there shivering in her shadow, one hand resting on her hip clenched, the other grasping a mighty spatula… her eyes expanded as she looked down on me and commanded that I eat my vegetables… Or Else!!! So, I lifted my Pure Panino to my mouth and took a hearty bite! Chomp! My eyes were squinting, my jaw was tense… And I began to chew… My wife watched me from the corner of her eye with disdain as I made a scene. But as I finally relaxed and began to taste the sandwich, it was pretty good! The bread was warm and toasted, the veggies were cooked. The roasted red peppers and onions were excellent! My eyes began to slowly open and my head began to nod at my wife, as if I had discovered something no one on else had ever tried before! Her eyes rolled back in her head and her jaw fell as she let out a sigh of… why did I marry this man!?! I looked over at her and smiled.

Once I had finished the first half of my sandwich, I ventured over to my wife’s plate to try her veggie burger. Let me say most veggie burgers I’ve seen have come out of a freezer and looked completely unappetizing. This burger didn’t look like it was trying to pass itself off as a meat substitute. It didn’t look compressed and smashed to death to make it look like a patty. It was open and airy and you could see the ingredients and the textures within. It was really a great looking burger from the ground up! I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the taste, I knew it wasn’t going to taste like ground sirloin but I removed any preconceived notions I had and went in with a clear mind. I bit into the burger and all the flavors were great. What made it really taste good and come together was the aioli or whatever magical house sauce they made to adorn it! The burger had just the right amount of bite and heat and strength in its flavors. It may not be a Ham-burger but it is most certainly a NOBL Burger!

I give this place high marks. It has a very peaceful yet open and bright atmosphere. The staff were excellent, helpful and knowledgeable. Being able to give recommendations based on my rookie palate, they guided me into making a great choice to start off with! The food is exciting in its combinations and creative pairings. It’s fresh and well made, though slightly under seasoned. I think the only thing it suffered from for me was that they don’t promote the sauces they made. For example, my panino was a 7 out of 10 for me, but once they brought me one of their orange-colored sauces that was spicy and acidic, it added such a depth of flavor to the roasted and cooked vegetables, that they needed. It went from a 7 to a 9! I truly enjoyed my first soiree into vegan food. I can’t wait to try some of the other items Delicious Raw has cooking up in that kitchen!

Writer: Kelvin M. Bayne

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