• Lisa Marie

Day 7 of the Holland America Cruise to Alaska

Day 7 was our last full day on the ship. 😢😢The on board schedule was packed with things to do before we were scheduled to dock in Victoria, Canada at 6 pm.

We literally had something new to do every hour. We started off with “Coffee with the magician.” I love that Holland America lets you meet the entertainers. So, later on in the afternoon when she did her second show, we felt like we really knew her.

Then, we went to a seminar on the whales in Alaska. The information was so interesting because we were in the very seas that the scientists were referring to!

We we played a round of bingo....the stakes got as high as $1700.00. We also watched a comedian and went to game shows!!

Then, we arrived in Victoria, Canada. Victoria, my Victoria! Oh how I love thee. I fell in love with Victoria Canada 🇨🇦. This city is absolutely breathtaking. It looks like the scene of a romantic movie. The water, European buildings, and architecture made this city feel majestic.

We went on a food tour! It was a great way to see the city through food, and learn about its history along the way.

We walked blocks through a residential neighborhood. Our tour guide shared information about living in Victoria, Canada. Then, we stopped at “Blue Crab.” This restaurant has been in Victoria for over 28 years! It has had the same crab cake recipe for the entire time. Once you taste their crab cake, you will see why it has been so famous. It was incredible!!

At our next stop, we ate Poutine. This is a Canadian delicacy that includes french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Since Anthony and I don’t eat meat, we had beaver tail. Beaver tail is Victoria, Canada’s version of a churro but it is shaped into a beaver’s tail.

Then, we stopped by a new shop in Victoria, Canada called “Ice Cream With A Twist.” All of the ice cream cones had sexual innuendos.

Then, we stopped by Roger’s chocolates. They are known for the first chocolate with fruit cream in the center.

By the time we finished, eating, site seeing, and exploring it was after 10 pm. So, we headed back to our ship.

As you can tell, we had the time of our lives of this cruise. It was so different than any other trip we’ve ever taken.

Email me at lisa@exclusivetravelpartners.com to join us in June 2020 so that we can do it again!!

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