• Lisa Marie

Day 3 of the Holland America Cruise

We woke up with excitement because we were going to see Alaska that afternoon. Since we had been at sea for a day or two, we started to get excited at the site of mountains and trees! We were getting closer to Juneau and we could feel it; not to mention that the temperature was starting to drop slightly.

We started our day at the dining room. I had the Greek yogurt parfait and waffles and my husband had a egg 🍳skillet entree. I loved my yogurt parfait and my waffles had a tasty strawberry compote on top. I found my breakfast combination!!

After breakfast, we just sat in one of the lounges and talked. This ship helped us to slow down, put our electronics down, and enjoy each other’s company.

We had plans on going to a “Meatless Monday” in the test kitchen class to learn about vegetarian cooking. However, we ran into a few friends that we met on the ship earlier in the week and spent some time catching up. The Oosterdam is a smaller ship when compared to mid-sized ships, so it was really nice seeing familiar faces throughout the week. It started to feel like a little neighborhood.

Then, we hit the gym again! This time my husband hung out with his new friend and I walked on the treadmill.

On the Holland America Cruise, in the dining room we could sit by ourselves or with other people. We decided to sit with new people today. This was a really cool experience. Everyone was extremely friendly and excited to share their excursion selection for the day. The dining room served their famous fish and chips. Wow! This was our best meal on the ship at this point. The fish was cooked to perfection! Everyone at the table raved about it.

Our ship reached Juneau at about 1:00 pm and we were able to explore until 9:00 pm. We chose the dog sledding excursion. This excursion was amazing for us! My husband is a dog lover and I’m scared of dogs so it was great way for him to be in his element and for me to get help getting over my fear.

When we arrived at the dog camp, the dogs barked with excitement and eagerness to start the run. We sat in a cart, pulled by about 16 dogs through a trail in the woods. After the trail, we, rather everyone else, were given the opportunity to pet the dogs.

We were taken on a trail through the woods. It was absolutely beautiful. The green trees 🌲🌲everywhere, with even brighter green moss created a canvas of beauty. We walked over a bridge with a running stream that looked like it was painted for a post card.

Then, we sat together and learned about the Alaskan Iditarod. At the end of our stay, we were given a chance to play with the puppies.

Guess what guys? I actually petted a dog!! Anthony on the other hand did everything except kiss them. He looked like a little boy on Christmas morning.

After our excursion, we went to the famous “Tracy’s King Crab Shack.” When you go to Juneau, you’ve got to stop here! The lines were out the door, we stood in the rain to taste these crabs. One because so many people on the ship told us about it, and two...we’re foodies. The king crab was as long as my arm and the crab bisque was tasty too! The environment is fun, all of the customers chatted away like one big family, and the food was stellar. This is the kind of place that you see on the Food Network.

There are so many other excursions in Juneau to try...email me if you would like to discuss other option.

We spent the rest of the evening, walking around Juneau. We were able to check out the souvenir shops, meet some locals, and do a little exploration of our own.


1. There is a team that takes you up to the top of the mountain. Try to go on the tram on a clear day because you’ll be able to see very far and enjoy your hike.

2. Make sure to stop by Heritage Coffee Roasting Company. There are two locations, go to the one farthest from the ship. It’s bigger and has so much to see. Heritage Coffee Roasting Company is Alaska’s coffee shop franchise. It’s incredible! I had the best chai latte of my life!!

3. You might want to pick your specialty dinners for nights that you’re at sea. On port days, you may have eaten at the port or get back in pretty late


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