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Day 2 of the Holland America Cruise to Alaska

On the second day, we were at sea. We had an ambitious schedule of things that we wanted to do on our itinerary. The cruise offers cooking classes in the test kitchen, work out classes, ping pong 🏓tournaments, and so much more! There was something to interest everyone each hour. The itinerary is tailored towards the ports so the cooking classes included Alaskan baked salmon, live seminars with interesting Alaskan women discussing their journeys, and other Alaskan inspired activities. Holland America really creates a comprehensive experience.

We started our day with a stretching class. It was really great way to get the day started. The instructor even taught us how to relieve stress in our feet 🦶🦶by using exercise techniques. My husband was really into this because his feet usually hurt him by the end of the day. He made sure that I was paying attention. 🤣🤣 After our stretching class, we hung out in the gym for the rest of the morning. The gym is fully equipped with modern machines and free weights. We spent so much time in the gym that we missed breakfast!

So, we checked out the lunch buffet. The buffet had a large variety of food including sandwiches, Asian/Indian cuisine, and a plethora of desserts. I personally liked the atmosphere of the dining room better because I prefer to sit in a restaurant atmosphere. Other people prefer the buffet because it’s quick, they can choose what they want, and they can get seconds very easily. At the dining room, there was tilapia on the menu. My husband is pescatarian, but he doesn‘t eat tilapia. So, he asked our server if he could have salmon instead. The server spoke to the chef and returned quickly. He told us that the chef would personally make my husband salmon instead.

We were really impressed by the dining room’s willingness to make changes for their guests.

My husband wasn’t the only one with a request. Since getting on this ship, I can’t stop ordering Pina Coladas!

I know, I’m not on a Caribbean cruise, but I can’t help it....they’re tasty!!

After lunch, we went back to the room and got ready for our massages. We pre-booked our massages a week or two before the cruise. We booked the couples deep tissue massage. This cruise does not offer complimentary hydrotherapy with a service. So, make sure that you pay for this service if you are interested in using the saunas, steam rooms, and water therapy. The couples massage room was really nice. It had a water view that gets covered by curtains once your massage begins to create a zen experience. There were two massage beds, relaxing music, and two very professional massage therapists. Margherie did my massage and boy did she do a great job! She touched every pressure point on my body! I couldn’t help but exhale deeply when she touched certain spots on my back. I could feel the stress and lactic acid walking out of my body. A massage is an absolute must on this cruise!

After our massages, we signed up for a free personal acupuncture consultation. We learned about the benefits of acupuncture specifically for our body’s needs. It was extremely informative. The acupuncture therapist even put a needle in Anthony’s arm to show him how painless it feels. After our consultation, I’m really considering starting acupuncture. I’ve been on many cruises, and Holland America is the first cruise that I’ve ever seen so invested in the mind and body of their guests. They offer morning yoga, discussions about Asian organic medicine, and other activities to heal the body physically and mentally.

Later on in the evening, we stopped by the comedy show at the main stage. It was really really funny! The comedian, John Wing, made us laugh about marriage, millennial, and empty nesters. He really did a great job! We both enjoyed his show tremendously.

Last night was the gala night, men and women dressed up and enjoyed their dinner in the dining room. After speaking to a few people, I realized how important this night is for so many. I spoke to a woman that told me that she never dresses up and this was the first night that she was going to feel special in long time. Another woman shared that she had a heart attack, kidney cancer, and quit smoking in the last two years. This gala was a night of celebration! Some women headed to the salon, wore fancy dresses, and ordered pictures for their families. Others dressed nicely, but casual and enjoyed the evening as well.

Last night, the boat was very rocky because of the stronger waves in September. So, to avoid the rougher seas, the best time to go on the Holland America Alaska Cruise is during late spring and throughout the summer.


1. Surprisingly, you can bring your swimsuit on an Alaskan Cruise! There are covered areas to enjoy a pool and jacuzzi.

2. Book your massages before you arrive on the ship. The at sea massages and spa treatments go quickly.


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