• Lisa Marie

Costa Rica: Day 5 of Secrets Papagayo

Updated: Feb 17

Day 5 was our last full day! 😢 Who knew that our Costa Rican vacation would come to an end so soon. I feel such a great friendship with the people on this trip and I am so thankful for our Facebook group, “I Can’t Wait For Friends To Travel.”

We started our morning off at our favorite breakfast spot, Aqua. Our favorite breakfast items were the french toast, Huevos Rancheros, and the infamous “Green Monster.”

We quickly found our way to the our favorite day spots; the cabana and the pool. After a few hours of sun, we decided to hit the beach and hop on some jet skis. We purchased a two hour jet ski tour from Kevash Tours, they are vendors that hang out on the beach. They charged us per jet ski. I suggest that you negotiate with them because the first price is never the real price. The tour guides took us throughout the entire bay and we even went to monkey island, did a hike, and took our jet skis through a mangrove. At monkey island, we saw white face monkeys in their natural habitat. One of the monkeys actually came right up to one of the members in our group and took a potato chip out of her hand. As you know, I watched all of this from afar because I’m scared of everything. 😆

The members of our Facebook group, “I Can’t Wait On Friends To Travel“ had a blast!

For dinner that night, we went to Sea Grill. The food was delicious, but the restaurant is outside and could not handle the heat of the kitchen and the heat under its roof. So, we were dripping 😰🥵😥 in sweat. If you’re going to have dinner here, show up at 6 pm to avoid the crowd. The highlight of the night was that the restaurants had a dessert bar outside with every Latin dessert you could think of. I wish I could tell you that we partied the night away, but we ate our food and took a shuttle back to the room and passed out.

Our trip was one of our most memorable group trips ever! I’m looking forward to our next group trip. Join our Facebook group, “I Can’t Wait On Friends To Travel“ to sign up. 🤩


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