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Costa Rica: Day 3 of Secrets Papagayo

We’re halfway through our vacation, and a part of me doesn’t want to get out of bed because I want the vacation to slow down and the other part of me wants to run to the lobby to start our first Costa Rican excursion with “Frank the Tank.“ This tour company is renowned in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 as the people that know how to show the tourists a great time as they learn about the Costa Rican culture.

I met the group members from “I Can’t Wait On Friends To Travel” ✈️ at the buffet for breakfast. Everyone beamed with excitement as we quickly swallowed our food and raced to the lobby to start our excursion.

Jonathan, our tour guide for the day, was waiting for us at the gate of our resort. He started the day off with a big smile and lots of laughter. We purchased the ”Megacombo Tour,” so we had a day of zip lining, water slides, horseback 🐎 riding, volcanic thermal bath, and a local lunch instore.

We started our tour with a stop on a bridge to see alligators. Our guide told us that people swim in the water and the alligators 🐊 don’t bother them because they bring food for the alligators. 😳 I’m not sure if that is true, but we were definitely not going to try it.

Then, Johnathan took us to a Costa Rican store. We were able to taste different blends of Costa Rican coffee ☕️, try their native chocolate 🍫, and buy souvenirs. Surprisingly, we stopped at a Costa Rican supermarket. Some may find this stop unnecessary but it was great. We stocked up on extra sunscreen, bug spray, and toiletries. FYI: whatever amount of bug spray and screen you normally bring on a trip, bring double that amount for Costa Rica. The sun ☀️ 🔥 ☀️ and insects are intense! I marveled at their l supermarket. It was very modern and more advanced than I have seen in other countries in Central America. Be careful if you go on this tour because Johnathan insisted on taking us to the fridge that carries beer so that we can try the Costa Rican local beer. He took one out for all of the guys and handed it to them. Then, when we got to the register he told us that the guests had to pay for it, and that it’s not included in the tour. 🤦🏾‍♀️ By this point, we had already fallen in love with Johnathan so we let it go. 👀 🤐🧐Johnathan shared the Costa Rican history and culture as we drove to each location. He was so passionate about his country that we were all trying to figure out how to move to Costa Rica.

The tour was incredible! Each activity was more exciting than the next. We started off with zip lining. This zip lining tour had the highest and longest zip lines that I have ever been on! We walked through the rainforest to the top of a mountain to do our zip lining. The staff was professional and we felt very safe. As I was gliding across the sky, I noticed a few monkeys 🐒 hopping from tree to tree, rivers below me, and a terrain that I could only imagine in my dreams.

Next, we had lunch on the same property. They had a buffet set up for us that was absol utely delicious. The food was great at the resort, but nothing beats the local food served in Costa Rica. Our Costa Rican buffet consisted of chicken, beef, rice, salad, vegetables, soup, tropical drinks, and a great coconut dessert. As you all know, good food makes me happy. So, I was a very happy girl. 😋😆😋

Then, we went on the water slide. The top of the slide starts neat the top of the mountain. Once you walk to the top, you slide down the entire slide with cold water rushing down with you. After we were out in the sun all day, this seemed like the most refreshing thing that we could possibly do at this point. Plus, it was so much fun!

Then we learned more about the Costa Rican culture. We were able to see how they used the bulls to get sugarcane juice. Then, we were given the opportunity to try their sugarcane juice, pastries, cheese, and coffee.

Next up, we went horseback riding! Our group had such a good time going up and down hills, and crossing small streams on our horses. I’ve been thinking on several horse back riding tours and I’ve never rode on so many different terrains. I got a little scared when the horses got too close to each other on the hills, so one of the staff members got in front of me and lead my horse the rest of the way. It was so nice of him! We had a blast!

Just when we thought that the trip couldn’t get any better, we went to a waterfall, suana and a volcanic thermal baths. The waterfall was so beautiful! It looked like it was in a fairytale! The sauna was hot, as expected, and we didn’t stay too long. At the thermal baths, we had the opportunity to put the hot volcanic mud on our bodies and we should of been able to wash it off smoothly under pipes, but Johnathan came with a hose to get us!! 😜🤦🏾‍♀️👀🤣 That’s Johnathan for you. After that, we were able to dip ourselves into a natural volcanic sauna....let‘s talk about relaxing! Imagine the sun setting and we’re floating around in warm water with drinks in our hands.

We finally headed back to the resort, and we were beyond tired. This excursion took our trip to the next level! “Frank The Tank” is the only way to do an excursion on the west side of Costa Rica. I have no regrets!

Side bar: At the resort, we ate at the buffet for dinner. As I’ve stated before, the food at this resort is excellent. However, never choose the buffet over a restaurant for dinner. The restaurants are too good to settle for a buffet dinner.

Stay tuned for our next day in Costa Rica. I will tell you all about the perks of being a “preferred guests” at Secrets Papagayo. Also, if you haven’t joined our Facebook travel group, “I Can’t Wait On Friends To Travel,” join us today.


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