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CWS Bar & Kitchen Is Creating An Even Stronger Presence in Lake Worth, FL

CWS is one of Lake Worth's most innovative eateries. It has an airy outside foyer with live bands, green foliage, wood tables, and television screens. Then, you step inside and slip back into time by a few decades to meet the mock speakeasy that CWS is known for in Lake Worth, FL. It captures the essence of a prohibition bar with its dark wood tables and liquor lined up against the wall. Whether you're inside or outside, everyone at CWS seems to have a great time! Guests can choose which experience they would like to have, and the food and hospitality remains consistent throughout the entire restaurant.

I've been to CWS on three different occasions, and it continues to get better and better with each visit. I do miss the prohibition uniforms of the original staff, but the food and atmosphere makes up for it. The first time my husband and I went to CWS, we were on the Taste History Food Tour. We had a few drinks and we enjoyed ourselves so much that we returned after the tour to try a few more items on the menu. Our second visit occurred because we were on a road trip, and my husband had to pull over in Lake Worth to get the infamous CWS truffle fries!

Our third and most recent visit occurred last week! We stopped by during the Art Street Festival. The outside area was full and it had a buzz of chatter and fun. Everybody seemed like they were having the time of their life. Since all of the tables were full in the outside area, my husband and I dined in the inside of the restaurant for the first time.

We started off with drinks. I ordered a Classic Mojito and my husband ordered an Ol' Fashion. At this point I realized why there was such a jovial buzz outside on the foyer. CWS does not skimp on the liquor. They use premium liquor in each glass and I could tell. I took a sip of my husband's Ol' Fashion and I think I might have grown hair on my chest and gotten a deeper voice after my first sip!

For our appetizers we ordered the Burrata and the Fish Dip. The Burrata is served with a heirloom tomato, black truffle puree, fresh basil, and crostini. I went outside to take a picture of the Burrata and one of the fun and festive patrons jumped into my shot. The Burrata was incredible! Hands down, it was the best Burrata that we have ever had! It was seasoned so well that we couldn't stop talking about how delicious each bite tasted. We were really impressed! Our other appetizer was the Fish Dip. The Fish Dip is made from fish that is smoked at the restaurant each day. It comes with assorted raw vegetables and corn tortilla chips. This was our first time having smoked fish and it was amazing. It was such a healthy and flavorful option; not at all the quality that you would expect at a bar.

CWS Kitchen & Bar has a plethora of plant based and vegan options on their menu. My husband had the Impossible Burger and the truffle fries. I had the Pear and Arugula Salad and I added lobster. Everything at CWS is made from scratch, in house. The Impossible Burger was 100% plant based and of course, my husband loved his infamous CWS truffle fries. I liked my Pear and Arugula salad. It was light, fresh, and flavorful. I never imagined having such a great salad at a place with the word "Bar" in its title.

Extra information: CWS Kitchen and Bar are constantly perfecting their menu. They have changed items since they have open; making sure to keep their staple dishes. However, they will be bringing out some innovative choices this year. We spoke to Sean, the general manager, and he gave us a sneak peak into the upcoming menu. He promises that the wing lovers will not be disappointed with the Korean Wings headed to the menu this spring.

There is always something going on at CWS Kitchen and Bar. However, you can't miss "Whisky Wednesday" or the live music on the weekends.

Would I recommend it: Of course! The atmosphere is vibrant, the drinks are strong, and the food is really good. I think it's a great place to enjoy some time with a group of friends!

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