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CABO ADVENTURES: Off Road Adventure Tour

My husband's favorite thing to do on vacation is to go on an ATV tour. If you don't believe me, look at all of our vacations. My husband finds some way to work an ATV tour into every trip! In November of 2018, we went to Los Cabos for my husband's 40th birthday. So, of course, he wanted to go on an ATV tour on his actual birthday. We chose Cabo Adventures: Off Road Adventure Tour.

Like all of the other Cabo Adventure excursions, we were picked up at our hotel in an air-conditioned van and taken to the Cabo Adventures hub. We got our tickets and waited for another van to take us to our excursion site. The Off Road Adventure tour starts off with instructions about covering your face with a bandanna and eye wear, wearing your helmet, and leaving all phones behind. Then, we were taken on a smaller van to get into our ATVs. Since I wasn't driving, I hung out in the ATV while my husband listened took a 5-10 minute ATV tutorial.

We started our ATV tour in a linear path through the desserts of Los Cabos. We have been on many ATV tours before, but we've never done one in an actual dessert. I could see all the dust and dirt hitting my goggles and see my clothes changing to brown within minutes. Just when I was getting used to the speed, the dust, and the all of the turns..... I saw a body of shallow water up ahead. Even though my husband had a bandanna covering his face, I could still see that he was smiling from his eyes. ATVs and water was a the perfect recipe for him to have a great birthday. Once we approached the water, my husband picked up his speed. Yup! He wasn't the gentleman that I hoped for! He could of slowed down to a crawl through the water, to spare me from the mud, but no....I think in his mind, the more dirt on us equaled the amount of fun we were having. If I was completely covered in dust by now, the mud definitely did the trick.

Overall, the Cabo Adventures ATV tour was my husband's favorite. He really enjoyed the terrain, the landscape, and the amount of time given to explore. The only downfall of the trip was the cost,the lunch, and a few staff members were not very friendly. The excursion cost $299 each. Luckily, we were able to use the points from our hotel. so we paid a much lower rate. However, I think that price is way too high. Also, the lunch was horrible. We are pescatarians and we were told that we would have options at lunch and that was far from the truth. We had to wait until we arrived back at the hotel to eat a proper lunch. As you know, if the food is not right, it can really ruin the whole trip for me. I would rather that they reduce the price and kept their lunch. In addition, a few of the guys that make the CDs with the pictures were not very friendly. One of the gentleman acted as if we were bothering him.

Extra information:

The minimum age to participate on the excursion is 5 years old. The driver must be 18 years old or older and present a valid driver's license. A $30 vehicle insurance fee must be given for collision, or damage. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate on this excursion.

Bring sunscreen. insect repellent, money for photos/videos, and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.

Would I recommend it: We had a great time. It is definitely one of our better ATV tour experiences on the terrain. However, try to get the price reduced and bring a snack because we weren't impressed with the lunch.

Check out our video (to the left) from the actual trip!


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