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CABO ADVENTURES: Los Cabos (Mexico) Luxury Sunset Sailing Tour

Have you ever imagined something in your mind? But when you saw it, it didn't match what you had pictured at all. That's how I felt when I went on the Los Cabos Luxury Sunset Sailing excursion with Cabo Adventures.

Please take the time to read the Cabo Adventures Luxury Sunset Sailing Tour's description:

"Step into luxury when you board one of our fully-equipped, French-made sailboats - located just a short walk from the pier. Receive a tall glass of champagne and a friendly greeting from the captain and crew who will provide you with unmatched personal service throughout the excursion. With a drink in hand, lie back on the soft deck cushions as we cruise over the smooth waters to the iconic locations in Los Cabos. If you’re looking to see a spectacular sunset and enjoy a relaxing evening on the water, this Cabo sunset cruise is the perfect choice for you."

I'm not sure how this tour has not reached litigation by now because this tour was nothing like the description above. As my group walked on the pier, ready to "step into luxury" on our "French-made sailboat" we kept hope alive that there was a beautiful boat waiting to take our large group on a luxury adventure. When we arrived at our "luxury" boat, we all looked at each other in disbelief. We took off our shoes and found a spot that we would have to sit in for the entire trip. There was no room to walk around or explore, unless you needed to go to the bathroom below. We met the crew of three, one was our guide, the other steered the boat, and the third crew member was a young lady in charge of pictures. We were handed our "tall glass of champagne" that came in an overly used plastic champagne glass. At this point, I declined my champagne, but my husband took one and he said that it wasn't good at all. They later passed out drinks, which I also declined based on the appearance alone, and my husband stated that it was poor in quality and taste.

We began to tour the famous waters of Los Cabos. The landscape along the water was beautiful and it was like nothing that I have ever seen before. We saw sea lions sunbathing on rocks (picture to the left), birds taking a break from their day, and other boats sailing by. The rock formation is so picturesque and I couldn't believe that I was so close to the landscapes that I had seen on television for years.

The best part of the trip was seeing a whale (picture to the left). It was November, which can be a little early to spot whales,but we were lucky enough to be in a early migration period. I have never been so close to a whale and I was so excited. If you listen closely to the video (the video of our trip can be found below), I am the lady screaming at the top of my lungs when the whale comes out of the water.

At this point, the sun was about to set, so the crew started to take all the couples to the front on the boat (one by one of course, because the boat is so tight) to take a professional picture. I don't know if the current strengthened, but one by one almost everybody on the boat started to feel queasy. The crew kept taking the boat around in circles for us to see the sunset and this definitely did not help. I was so nauseous by this point, that my husband and I declined our dinner tray (one tray of food were given per couple) because we felt so sick. We ended up having to sit by the entrance of the ship because it was a little lower in elevation. I kept my head down for almost an hour as I endured my stomach rolling back and forth. When we got off the boat, we bonded with all the people as we shared how sick we all felt, how much we all wanted to come back early, and how much we would never do this excursion again.

Extra information: The excursion guide states that you will have a premium open bar, gourmet hors d'oeures, and a round trip transportation in an air-conditioned van. The only true statement in that sentence is that your van will have air-conditioning. The drinks are not premium and there is nothing "gourmet" about the appearance of the food provided.

You should bring a warm sweater or jacket, a camera, and money if you are interested in purchasing a photo and tipping the crew.

Would I recommend it: No! We paid $89 each for this tour and it definitely wasn't worth it. Los Cabos has one of the most beautiful sunsets, landscapes, and wildlife ever and it should definitely be seen. However, I think you will have a much better experience on a different excursion that actually offers good drinks, food, and a "luxury" experience.


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