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CABO ADVENTURES: Camel Safari Tour

Have you ever added something to your bucket list after you did it? Or have you ever wondered why a certain activity was never on your bucket list? Well, now you know exactly how I feel after doing the Cabo Adventures Camel Safari Tour.

My husband and I stayed at Le Blanc Spa and Resort. We set up all of our excursions for the week, and right before we closed the excursion book I saw pictures of a camel tour. "A camel tour!" I exclaimed. I was so shocked because when I thought of camels I pictured a dessert in Africa or Dubai. I definitely wasn't thinking of Mexico. I have ridden horses several times, but I knew that this would be totally different.

Like all of our other tours for the week, we booked it with Cabo Adventures. Cabo Adventures works like a smooth machine. Their drivers arrive at your hotel on time, offer information about the area while you're in an air conditioned van, and take you to the Cabo Adventures hub. At this location, all of the Cabo Adventures excursions are confirmed or purchased. Then, another bus takes you to your particular excursion. Some excursions, like "Swimming with the Dolphins" are actually at that site.

After what seemed like a 45 min drive, we arrived at the Camel Safari location. By this point, the scenery had drastically changed from Los Cabos beaches to to the Baja dessert. The landscape is beautiful. It includes mountains, cacti, and very dry land.

There were a lot of people in our van, so we were immediately split into groups. Ted, one of the group leaders, seemed very energetic and funny so we were pleased when we were placed in his group. Each group did the same activities, but at different times. Our group started off with a tour of the dessert. Ted shared interesting information about the plant life, insects, and history of the surrounding area. He even showed us how we could use some of the liquid that oozed from a particular branch to make sunscreen and which berries we could safely eat in the wild. Then, we got to ride the camels! We were given helmets with a really cool white garment to resemble the clothes we would wear in the dessert. Then, we stepped on a bank to climb onto the hump of the camels. Each camel carried two people and we all stayed in a linear line as our camel walked us around the property for about 15 - 20 minutes. There are a lot of places to go and the property is on the ocean so there is so much to see. After riding the camels, everyone got the opportunity to take pictures with the camels while we learned about the camels in the Los Cabos region. These are memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.

We finished our tour with lunch, tequila tasting, and photo/video purchasing. The lunch is a buffet of tuna salad, chicken, ribs, tortilla chips, beans, and salad. This lunch was the best lunch that we we were given on any excursion in Los Cabos that week. My husband and I are pescatarian so we have a restricted diet. However, the tuna salad and tortilla chips were incredible! They also offered natural local juices and water for drinks. Ted discussed several tequilas with our group. We learned about their significance and got a chance to taste all of them. According to the wise tale, I might be pregnant right now because I drank their fertility tequila.

Extra information:

Click on the video (to the left) to see video footage from our Cabo Adventures Camel Safari Tour and other Cabo Adventures excursions.

For the tour, make sure that you bring cool clothing, tennis or hiking shoes, money for photos, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

There are a few restrictions with the Camel Safari Tour. The minimum age is 5 years old, the use of cameras and Go Pros are restricted due to safety, and pregnant ladies are not allowed to participate on the tour.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! It was the most exciting part of our vacation. This Cabo Adventures Camel Safari should be on everyone's bucket list. Since I drank the fertility tequilla, I will definitely bring my children there one day! :D

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