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Le Blanc's Second Location Opens in Los Cabos, Mexico

Le Blanc is known for its white silhouette along the hotel district in Cancun, Mexico as a beacon of luxury. Their renown spa, incredible restaurants, and attentive staff has not only been replicated, but it has been taken to the next level at Le Blanc Spa Resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Guests are now hopping from one coast to the other to enjoy the amenities that Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos has to offer.

Los Cabos has been on my husband and my vacation destination list for years, and due to the distance from Florida, the vast choice of resorts, and the expenses involved in making the trip we finally decided to go in November of 2018. My husband was turning 40 years old and we wanted to visit a location that would be memorable. We searched for hotels and went with one that was highly ranked and a familiar name to us. ​We traveled to Le Blanc Cancun about 5 years ago and we had a great vacation. Therefore, we trusted that the Le Blanc brand would make my husband's 40th birthday an unforgettable experience.

When we arrived at Le Blanc Spa Resort, we were immediately blown away. Nothing makes me feel better than great hospitality and detail-oriented customer service. We were greeted outside with a cold towel, water, and a local flower. As we walked inside, the grandiose lobby pulled me in and my eyes darted around at the high ceilings, breathtaking decor, endless marble, and the view that seemed to go on forever.

Upon sitting down, the staff brought out their signature coconut cream cocktail in two champagne flutes for my husband and me. Hidden secret: I love any and everything with coconut. It was such a unique and classy touch. I actually loved the coconut cream so much that I actually ordered it at dinner a few times. during our stay. At the front desk, check-in was completed expeditiously. We were told about our room, the Honeymoon Suite, and our wristbands were activated. The wrist bands are used for the staff to recognize the guests and also as an electronic entry tool to get into our room.

The Le Blanc property is absolutely incredible. There are breathtaking views around every corner. I loved that everything that I needed was in the same building and we only had to walk outside to go to the pool, beach, and the Blanc Ocean restaurant.


My favorite restaurant at Le Blanc Spa Resort was Blanc Ocean. It is a seafood restaurant situated along the water and it is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, they served exquisite Mexican and American breakfast options prepared like a work of art. At the resort, the two options for breakfast are Blanc International (buffet) and Blanc Ocean. If you're looking for a quick breakfast or lots of visual options, Blanc International (buffet) is the place for you to dine for breakfast. Blanc International's breakfast buffet has a vast selection and fresh food. I'm a pecatarian and I found plenty of food choices. However, if you would like a meal prepared when you order it and a little more time placed into your meal, Blanc Ocean is a breakfast spot that you would prefer. For lunch, Blanc Ocean served amazing drinks. We frequently ordered the strawberry daquiri and pina colada (picture above). However, Blanc Ocean has several craft cocktails made just for their restaurant. I fell in love with the Adelita. However, it should be a goal of yours to try each drink on their menu before you leave. It was definitely a goal of mine!

Also, the soups and tacos taste so good! These dishes reminded me why I flew so many miles to go to Mexico. For dinner, I didn't really enjoy Blanc Ocean's dinner. The breakfast and lunch were above and beyond, so we went there expecting to have an incredible meal and it was good but it didn't compare to breakfast or lunch.

The dessert menu at the Blanc Ocean is the same at lunch and dinner. The desserts are great! I recommend the Churro, the Tres Leches, and their dessert tequilla.

When you go to Blanc Ocean, ask for Daniel. He is one of the managers. He made us feel so special every time we entered the restaurant. He even sent out a few drinks and dishes that he knew we would like. On one occasion, he even had the staff members move several furniture umbrellas around to protect us from the sun while we were eating. There is no limit to what he will do to ensure that you have a great dining experience.

You really can't go to Le Blanc Spa Resort without stopping by Blanc Ocean. It's really the heart of the entire resort. It offers the best service, food, and views on the property. And if you're lucky, you can even see a whale swimming by while you eat.

As stated earlier, Blanc International (buffet) offers breakfast and lunch. It was not my favorite option for lunch. There are better food options at Le Blanc Pizza or Blanc Ocean. For dinner, the International buffer turns into a steakhouse. Since we are pescatarian, we did not stop by to try any of their entrees.

Le Blanc Pizza is a restaurant open for lunch and dinner. It served Italian food and it specializes in brick oven pizza. We used this restaurant mostly for room service if we were hungry in the middle of the day or didn't feel like heading downstairs. The pizza is really good once you found out which combination you prefer. Ask for a side of basil leaves and crushed pepper and it will given your pizza a nice kick of spice!

My favorite dinner location was at Blanc Asia. It's a restaurant only open in the evening and it serves Japanese, Thai, and Chinese entrees. The sushi rolls and the pad thai are the best that I have ever had in my life! Blanc Asia knows how to create the perfect blend of savory and spice to make everything taste nice! Also, the Banana Spring Roll dessert is out of this world! It is a banana in a fried spring roll, and served with coconut ice cream and chocolate dipping sauce. We went to Blanc Asia on several nights just for the dessert.

Lumiere is the French restaurant, and it is my least favorite dinner option. My husband and I are not big fans of French food but we were told that it is the only restaurant that requires a reservation and we should try it. However, we weren't impressed with the entrees there. The restaurant is supposed to be formal, but it comes off as a little pretentious. We planned to spend the night of my husband's 40th birthday here, but we ended up leaving early and dining at Blanc Asia.

Mezze is the Lebanese restaurant. The ambiance and color scheme in the restaurant makes you feel like you've been taken back to Lebanon. The food is great, and it was a nice change from the other restaurant's cusines. I ordered the sea bass and the chef sent out some options for us to try. I was very pleased with everything.


Our room was so modern, spacious, and beautifully decorated. The towels, linens, and robes are of the highest quality. The bed, let me repeat, the bed is so comfortable! I actually had to lift up the sheet and take a peek at the name on the mattress to get a duplicate at home! Unfortunately, the name said "Palace Resorts" and I am not sure if they make beds for homes.

The room has so many amenities! The modern technology at the door is quite impressive. I've never been to a hotel where the door panel can read your wrist band. Gone are the days of fumbling in the hallway for your room card, freaking out when your phone demagnetizes the room key, or losing your room key. The door panel also has two buttons to signify when you would like the room to be cleaned and if you do not want to be disturbed.

The television was connected to our phones so the restaurant menus and activities were always right at our fingertips. The clock/radio in the room has blue tooth connections, there is high speed wireless internet, unlimited phone calls to the US, and 24 hour butler service. There is a snack bar and alcoholic drinks in the room. There are literally upside down alcoholic bottles in a cabinet ready to be dispensed into a glass at anytime.

Butler Service:

We enjoyed the butler service. Our initial butler gave us a tour of the resort and explained all of the amenities in our room. The butlers helped us choose the fragrances for our aroma therapy machine in the room and the bath crystals for the bath tub. They also refilled our snacks/drinks and brought us extra items if they noticed we preferred a certain item. The butler's desk is by the elevator so it was very easy to find them and they were always eager to help. My only gripe about the butler service was that in the week that we were there, we had about 6 butlers. I understand that people need time off, but sometimes they would switch the butler to another floor. I found it odd because once you became comfortable with one, they were being transferred elsewhere. It also created problems for tipping. Do you tip all 6? The ones you liked?

Room Service:

Room service is 24 hours and the best part is that you can even order right from the restaurant menus. Do you know how many times we have skipped room service because we were given a skimpy one page of food options? Le Blanc treats its restaurants like individual establishments and even allows their guest to make take-out orders from each restaurant and pick it up themselves if they wish.

Spa: The spa at Le Blanc is absolutely beautiful. It has such a relaxing atmosphere. We were given a spa drink before entering to help to calm us and get into the zen moment. Then, we were taken to the hydrotherapy portion of the spa. I was very surprised to find out that the hydrotherapy portion, which includes the steam room, sauna, and spa pool is complimentary to all guests. Many resorts charge a fee just for the hydrotherapy treatment. Our first massage was a hot stone massage. I wasn't very impressed. The masseuse seemed like an amateur. I told her that I was having tension in my neck several times and she did not address it. She eventually said that I could pick another massage service to help me with the tension in my back. Once management heard about my dissatisfaction with my massage, they were very apologetic and offered for another masseuse to give me a massage. My second massage was a deep tissue massage, and I did not want it to end! I have gotten massages all over Mexico at some of the finest resorts, and this was the absolute best massage of my life!

Gym: Hours of Operation - 6 am - 11 pm

We went to the gym every day while on our 7 day vacation. I know you're impressed by that. Trust me, I am too! I have never done that before. However, with food this good, I didn't want the staff to have to roll me to the airport on my last day. The gym is huge and it has state of the art equipment. The treadmills can connect to any YouTube and Apple TV. The gym staff offers Pilates, group training, Zumba, spinning, cycling, dance classes, and other workouts. However, I was never able to make it to any of the classes. However, I did watch a few classes from my balcony.

Extra Information:

- There are several pools and two of the outdoor pools are heated.

- Guests cannot swim in the beach because the water current is too strong. However, there are swim friendly beaches within a driving distance.

-Le Blanc Spa Resort offers resort credit. It is definitely worth using it because the points match the American dollar at a 1:1 ratio. It provided an opportunity to experience some of the amenities, excursions, and spa treatments at a lower price.

-We have included a comprehensive video of our stay (click on the video above). Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our YouTube page.

-Please check out our review and video on the excursions in the area.

Would we recommend it? Absolutely! This resort had some of the best food that we have had at a resort. If you're looking for a resort with an entertainment schedule all day, large crowds, and contest by the pool...this is not the place for you. If you're looking for a romantic getaway, to be pampered like a king and a queen, and served the highest regard of food and service then check out their website and book a trip!


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