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Taverna Opa: Delray Beach, FL

Taverna Opa is a casual Mediterranean restaurant that resides on Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach, FL. Delray Beach is known for its food scene and Atlantic Ave has restaurants that represent regions from across the entire globe. Among the vast choices, Taverna Opa is a beloved spot to enjoy traditional Mediterranean dishes at a decent price. The restaurant's hues of blue, plates full of color, and vibrant energy coming from the staff allows everyone to have a good time and say "Opa!"

"Opa" is a commonly used Greek expression used to declare great emotion. My husband and I had a chance to dine at Taverna Opa in Delray Beach a few weekends ago and a loud "Opa" is definitely in order for our visit. We sat outside of the restaurant and ate as the sun set, people walked by, and the night scene started.

We started off with pita bread and hummus. I knew we were off to a great start when we were talking about the pita bread and the hummus like it was our main entree. The pita bread was served warm and it melted in my mouth with each bite. I can honestly say that Taverna Opa's hummus is one of the best hummus that I have ever tasted! My husband even asked the server for the recipe.

As a foodie, I feel like I have grown to have prophetic powers before the main entree comes.At a Mexican restaurant, I can tell so much about the restaurant by the chips and salsa. At an Asian restaurant, the wonton soup and egg roll usually tells me everything that I need to know. Due to my theory, the pita bread and hummus at Taverna Opa were really elevating my expectations for the restaurant.

For our appetizers, we had the shrimp saganaki and the grilled calamari. When the shrimp saganaki arrived at our table, I had to look again because I was about to tell the server that we didn't order the lobster. The shrimp was huge! I have never seen a shrimp that big used in this dish. We cut pieces of the shrimp like we were carving a turkey and shared it onto our plates. I really enjoyed the combination of the shrimp, feta cheese, and sauces; each item complemented each other very well.

I usually eat fried calamari (which is also served at Taverna Opa) but our server accidentally served us the grilled calamari instead. We decided to go with the flow and keep the grilled calamari. It was served with mixed greens, diced tomatoes, and a citrus sauce. It was seasoned well and the texture was good, but I think we still prefer fried calamari.

For our main entree, my husband had the "Lavraki" (bronzino) and I had the prawns. My husband's bronzino was served as a whole fish and it was accompanied by spinach and rice. He wasn't thrilled by his choice, but he said that he would definitely try another dish on his next visit. I had the Prawns. I know! I know! Didn't I have enough shrimp?! Well, I guess not because I ate an entire prawn and brought the other one home. The shrimp could of been a little more tender, but it was still very tasty. We were so full by this point that we decided to skip dessert . We were also excited because we heard that a belly dancer graces her presence at the restaurant on the weekends.

Like clockwork, the belly dancer came out and danced for the guests. She was full of energy and added a spark to the night. She danced with guests and took pictures as she strolled through the restaurant.

Extra information

Address: 270 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL

Menu: tavernaopa.com

Phone: 561-303-3602

Would I recommend the restaurant? If you're looking for a casual-style Mediterranean restaurant that offers Greek food at a reasonable price, than you should stop by Taverna Opa. The staff at Taverna Opa will definitely offer a memorable night for you and your family or friends.

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