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Joe's Pizza: New York's Famous Pizza

I grew up on New York pizza. I could have easily had a slice of pizza four times a week for the first 8 years of my life. As a product of New York, your first slice is a rites of passage and every slice after that is not counted because...well, who can keep count! Every New York child eats and breathes pizza. It's cheap, convenient, and covers at least four food groups in one sitting.

When I left New York and moved to Florida, I think I missed the pizza and Chinese food just as much as I missed my friends. Living in Florida was a huge adjustment because pizza is very different here. However, every time I return to New York, I make sure that I stop by a pizza shop to get a slice of cheese to bring back the memories of my childhood at Mario's pizza in Long Island, New York. Unfortunately, it closed over a decade ago and no pizza has tasted quite the same since I left. I'm not sure if my palate has changed, if New York pizza has changed, or if I just created this pizza fantasy in my mind.

On my last trip to New York, my husband and I stopped at Joe's Pizza on Broadway. We figured that the pizza had to be good because it is such a traditional New York pizza spot and it's known for having celebrity visitors all the time. We walked a few blocks from our hotel with one mission.....to taste some real NY pizza.

We arrived during the lunch rush. People were coming in and picking up pies for their office, tourists were coming in to get a taste of the world renowned Joe's Pizza, and we, well we walked in to Joe's with anticipation. This could be the slice that brought me back to my childhood! I looked around. It was a small take-out spot with a few high tables to accommodate about 8 guests. On the walls, marked documentation of many of the celebrities that had visited Joe's pizza over the years.

I stood in line, placed my order, and paid for one slice of cheese pizza for me and two slices of cheese pizza for my husband. I was a little turned off by the guy behind the counter scratching his rash with his gloves on before he took the pizzas out of the oven. However, when I asked him to change his gloves he quickly agreed.

We got our pizza. I decided to eat my entire slice before I made any comments. Okay,....here it goes:

Joe's pizza is the closest pizza that I have tasted to real NY pizza. However, I'm still hoping that there is a restaurant that can get even closer. The sauce and the cheese tasted really good, but the pizza seemed a little dry.

Extra Information: Joe's Pizza was established by Joe Pozzuoli, who is originally from Naples, Italy. Joe's Pizza has been serving the New York community for over 3 decades, and the best part is that the original Joe still supervises at one of the locations!

Would I recommend it: I am honestly not recommending any pizza except for the closed Mario pizza on Long Island. However, as long as the employees at Joe's Pizza are wearing clean gloves, its worth a try. It's the most authentic pizza I've had since I was a kid.

Joe's Pizza NYC Broadway

1435 Broadway

New York, NY 10018


If you're in Florida, make sure you try the most authentic New York pizzas that I have tasted it.

Amici's Pizza & Ristorante

1629 Hiatus Road

Pembroke Pines, FL 33026


NYPD Pizza Winter Garden 16118 Marsh Road Winter Garden, FL 34787 407-877-4743


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