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Sixty Les: Bringing "The Sexy" To The Lower East Side

My husband and my flight ( from New York to Florida) was canceled at the last minute. So, we booked a night at Sixty Les in the Lower East Side. The area is not the typical New York City that you see on television. What it lacks in the glitz, glamour, and crowds it makes up in its eclectic style. The Lower East Side is going through a gentrification process. So, it may not look like much now but it is slowly gaining it's own character and culture.

Sixty Les is a contemporary hotel that adds a modern spirit to the Lower East Side. Its greenery, tinted glass, and welcoming entrance was a refreshing contrast to its surroundings. The hotel has a dark and sexy vibe. The lobby is dim and seductive. I can definitely say that this hotel is for grown folks.

We selected the queen suite. The room is very sensual; capturing dark hues everywhere with only a pop of white from the sheets on the bed. The bedroom floors are dark wood and the bathroom is full of black tile. It reminded me of a room that a couple would pick for a night of passion. For me, personally, it wasn't my style but I wasn't going to complain because we were only staying one night.

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice hotel. However, I'm not into the dark decor. It reminded me of the 1990s, when everyone had leather couches, waterbeds, and porcelain dressers. I also don't like black bathrooms. I want to see dirt! How can housekeeping see all the dirt? How do I know the dirt has been cleaned? In Sixty Les' defense, everything appeared to be very clean. However, you could tell that the previous guest or a guest next door was smoking because the cigarette smell still lingered in the air. Also, the room felt cold. Not cold (like) let me turn the heat up. It felt moist and damp. The bed was okay, but I've slept on better beds before. I also didn't like that the pillows that we used to sleep were the decorative pillows that were placed on the bed.

Extra information: The hotel has an amazing restaurant named Blue Ribbon on the second floor. You can head to the restaurant by taking the stairs in the lobby or taking the elevator from your room. On the second floor, there is a lounge (picture above) to hang out, just outside of the Blue Ribbon restaurant.

Also, there is another lounge/bar (picture to the left) in the hotel for guests to enjoy. Upon entering the hotel, the hotel offers each guest a free drink! Unfortunately, we never made it to the lounge. However, let us know what you think if you stop by. The hotel also has a pool, but since we were only there for a short period of time we didn't get to spend any time by the pool.

Would you recommend it: It served its purpose, but I don't think I would go there again. There are just too many options in New York City, for me to pick that hotel for another stay. However, I will definitely return for their restaurant, "Blue Ribbon", on the second floor.

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