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Billy Jack's Shack: An Epic Experience in South Florida

Billy Jack's Shack is a new American restaurant in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL . It opened on May 21, 2018 and it's already setting its BJ stamp in the South Florida dining scene. It's decor boast a shabby chic theme, the menu has a creative spin on their entrees, and the food is of the highest quality possible in a casual dining environment. Who wouldn't want to be able to relax in a laid back environment and still get food that makes their mouth water?

Billy Jack's Shack has an eclectic collection of really cool car parts, lockers, and nautical items throughout the restaurant. They even used the front of a classic car to double as decorations and a keg system to add to the theme of the restaurant. BJ's is basically a lot of carefree fun in a bar/restaurant environment that welcomes everyone. The items on the menu will bring you back to your childhood and make you laugh out loud when you figure out the correlation of the name to the entree. For instance, the "Greg Brady" sliders are as "cheesy" as the sitcom so it's so much better calling it a "Greg Brady" than ordering a wagyu burger topped with mac n cheese. Just imagine, the menu is fell of these quirky names. The best part of the restaurant has to be the food. So, let me share what my husband and I ordered on our last visit.

For our appetizers, we ordered the "Crispy Rock Shrimp." It's the Billy Jack's version of popcorn shrimp. All of the "box" entrees are served in a container, similar to the containers used to hold fried rice, with black and white checkered race car tissue paper. The "Crispy Rock Shrimp" is fried to a crispy exterior texture and full of flavor, It comes with your choice of several different sauces that can be used on any item of your choice on the menu. We chose the parmesan and herb sauce topping with the blue cheese dipping sauce. It was so tasty! The blue cheese sauce could have been served on a plate all by itself because it was epic!

For our entrees, I ordered the daily fish selection. Todd, the chef at Billy Jack's, informed me that the fish is selected daily and the special on that particular day was snapper. He was so passionate about the seafood served in Billy Jack's that I told him that I would have my fish prepared anyway he suggested and to place it on top of their signature Greek Salad. The fish was so fresh and it was seasoned to perfection. Also, the Greek salad was incredible. It may seem like a simple task to some, but many restaurants don't know how to make a balanced salad. I was really impressed.

My husband ordered one of the infamous Billy Jack burgers. However, he ordered the vegan patty to honor his pescatarian lifestyle. The veggie patty is made from black beans and a special JB sauce is given in a container for an even bigger bang with each bite. The patty is so moist and the JB sauce is so succulent that you don't even need ketchup. I can honestly say that this was the best vegetarian burger I've ever had!

The desserts are simple childhood favorites that took me on a memory roller coaster. We had the fried oreo and I promise you that I closed my eyes and had to take in the pop of flavors in my mouth! Promise me that you will not go to Billy Jack's Shack without topping your meal off with a fried oreo. Trust me, it's the perfect finale to the meal.

Extra information: The food is priced really well. It actually blew my mind. I'm not sure how they can provide such high quality food at such a reasonable price. If you're a Florida resident, you know that the closer to the beach you are, the more expensive the food gets. However, Billy Jack's Shack defies all the Florida food laws of life! For example, all of the beef on the menu is Wagyu with the exception of the their Philly, the chicken is not processed, and the fish is selected daily.

The restaurant is open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. The biscuits are completed in house, the benedict is made with a small waffle iron with bacon batter, and there are so many other creative surprises.

This is a local restaurant where they have lots of camaraderie. Billy Jack's focuses on craft beers and they love bacon, but you can get a list of craft cocktails, hold the bacon, and even get vegetarian options. They also have oreo eating contest, beer competitions, and free meals to reward their loyal customers. Ask them about their beer tally system and join the BJ family.

If you don't live near Lauderdale by the Sea, you don't have to worry. There are more plans for several Billy Jack's in Florida. The next location will be Davie, FL and I have a feeling that Billy Jack's will spread like wild fire in Florida.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! It's a cool spot to hang out with some friends or family on any nice Florida day. I'll definitely go back.

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