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Over The Bridge Cafe: My Favorite Delray Beach Brunch Spot

Over the Bridge Cafe is Delray Beach's newest piece of treasure. It is a quaint restaurant adjacent to Delray Beach's infamous bridge. The name of the restaurant is cleverly named after its location. Owner and executive Chef, Daniel Newman, opened the doors to this restaurant only 8 months ago and it is already packed every weekend!

Dan has been in hospitality for decades. He has a great foundation from Disney World and Marriott, and now he has the opportunity to harness all of his skills and impact the Delray Beach community.

The restaurant enclosure is used for the kitchen and there is a covered nook full of tables to enjoy the Florida weather. However, don't worry....there are lots of fans, a live musician, and great customer service to get you through the Florida heat.

Over the Bridge serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and happy hour. It is open seven days a week and they always provide quality food and great customer service. The restaurant is a family affair. Dan and his wife can be seen regularly at the restaurant, and they even have other family members working behind the scenes.

My husband and I stopped by Over the Bridge Cafe for lunch on a Saturday. We immediately liked the vibe. The outdoor nook had a casual, airy environment with a saxophonist playing music that made you sway back and forth to the beat.

For our entree, my husband ordered the "Surfboard Roll" and the "Sunrise Crab Cake." I ordered the Salmon salad. The Surfboard Roll is a shrimp and lobster hoagie roll. It has fresh clumps of seafood draped in the middle of a roll. The "Sunrise Crab Cake" is the best crab cake that I have had in South Florida by far! The crab cake has zero percent fillers! Yes, you read that correctly; zero percent filler! There are alsoo bread crumbs. How do you make a crab cake with zero percent filler you may wonder? Dan has figured out how to hold the crab together with only 5 spices. My salmon salad was absolutely incredible. Sometimes the simple recipes in life can taste so good when they're made just right. The meal was truly Florida fresh perfection.

For dessert, my husband and I couldn't decide on one savory treat so we opted for two desserts to share. The "Pecan Pie Egg Roll" tasted like a warm American-Mediterranean - Asian fused dessert. It's warmth, crunch, and sweetness made me close my eyes with each bite. To top it off, we also ordered the "Liquid Tiramisu." This drink was created one day when they ran out of tiramisu and decided to make a liquid version. Nothing is better than a sweet drink on a warm South Florida day. It has hints of coffee and chocolate flavors that make it a perfect treat at the end of the meal.

Extra information: We have to try the pancakes on our next trip! I saw a few orders making their way to other customers and my mouth began to water!

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! It's a great place to bring a friend, a date or the family to enjoy the Florida lifestyle.

814 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483

(561) 403-5581


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