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5 Reasons Why I Will Not Go Back To The Aloft Hotel In Downtown Orlando, FL

Everybody has their favorite brand. That particular brand may resonate with your personal style, wants, or needs. There are several movies that I will see based on the reputation of the celebrities involved. I know if Denzel Washington thought that the script was worth his time, it will definitely be a great movie. There are hotels that I will visit in a foreign country because they have proven themselves in so many other places. I'm planning a trip to Costa Rica just because there is a Secrets resort there. I am not worried about my food and accommodations because I know what to expect.

Good reputations go hand in hand with trust and loyalty. However, a bad reputation can be far more memorable than a good one. You remember how you felt or how disappointed you were when a brand let you down. Unfortunately, after visiting the Aloft hotel in Orlando, I had such a bad experience that I have vowed to never go back to an Aloft hotel.

Let me explain the " 5 Reasons Why I will not go back to the Aloft hotel in Downtown Orlando,"

1. If I wanted to stay at a college dorm, I would go back to undergraduate school. I'm not sure if the Aloft hotels are catering to a younger demographic or going for a shabby chic decor. The furniture looks like the ones seen in a dorm room. If you threw a bean bag into the room, they wouldn't notice the difference. Who came up with this motif? I can't imagine guests stating that they enjoy feeling like they are staying in a dormitory.


There were straws in our toilet! When we got to our room there were straws in the toilet. How do you clean a toilet and leave straws floating in the water.

I know! Pick me! I know! The toilet wasn't cleaned!

We called housekeeping and a woman came and stated that she forgot to flush the toilet. Once again, how did you clean the toilet without flushing it?

3. There was hair in the shower. I hate seeing hair anywhere except on my head. So, when I see hair in the shower, especially when it is not from my head I get so grossed out. Sigh! Is this a part of the college dorm motif. Just like the hair seen in the community showers, the Aloft has hair in your personal shower.

4. The room is a waste of space. We ordered the deluxe suite. When I think of a deluxe suite, I think of nice lounge or an even more spacious room. However, this suite consisted of a entry room that looked like a study room for an upcoming final that I should be studying for immediately. The only thing I wanted to study was a hotel guide to switch hotels.

5. The fridge is in the bathroom area? Why? I don't think I need to explain why the proximity of fecal matter spewing from the toilet to the fridge is a bad idea.

Were there any good things about the hotel you may ask? Sure, the staff at the front desk were friendly. However, there aren't enough smiling faces in the world to turn my thoughts about this place around.

If you have stayed at an Aloft hotel, let me know what you thought about it. Were you surprised? Did you know what you were getting? Was your experience better than mine? I would love to know. Email me at contactus@thefloridapalate.com


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