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Kone Sushi: Asian food with Brazilian Flare

When most people of think of sushi, they think of Asian cuisine. However, South Florida is known for many great Asian restaurants with both an Asian and Brazilian influence. Interestingly enough, the largest number of Japanese people, outside of Japan, are in Brazil. Kone Sushi is one of the fusion restaurants in Downtown Miami that offers the tradition of Asian foods with the spice of the Brazilian culture.

My husband and I love exploring Florida on Saturday afternoons. We took a walk in Downtown Miami and stopped at Kone Sushi for lunch. Kone is a quaint restaurant with a modern Asian-Brazilian flare.

They have over 20 appetizers and we ordered a few of them because they were priced very well. It's a perfect place to bring a few friends and share several appetizers. We started off with the "Chef's Choice " appetizers at the top of the menu. We tried the "Salmon Belly Nigiri," the "Poke Bowl," and the "Rock Shrimp." The "Salmon Belly Nigiri" (picture above) is torched salmon served with scallions, sesame seeds, truffle oil, and Masago (fish eggs). I like to call it "salmon and rice and everything nice." The salmon is fresh and the the crunch of the sesame seeds and the spice of the scallions and truffle oil make for a great dish.

The "Poke Bowl" (picture to the left) was my husband's favorite. It is a bowl of raw fish served on a bed of rice or salad. However, as you can see , the bowl was full of an assortment flavors, seasonings, and spices. I really enjoyed the avocado and sesame seed topping. The "Rock shrimp" is an Asian version of popcorn shrimp with a little heat. Kone's "Rock Shrimp" is tempura shrimp served with spicy sauce, Masago, and scallions. There is a lot of batter, so only indulge if you like tempura-styled foods.

For our sushi roll, we ordered the "Crunchy Monster." " The "Crunchy Monster " rolls were a great variation to the traditional rice sushi rolls. It comes with tempura pieces on the top of the sushi roll for an extra crunch. The crunch added an extra kick to this sushi roll, which is probably why we cleaned the plate!

For dessert, we had the "Cheesecake Tempura," "Beijinho," and the "Chocolate Lava Cake." What can I say? We know how to indulge! In many Asian restaurants, a fried ice cream is served for dessert. However, Kone takes it to the next level with a fried cheesecake! The "Beijinho" was a first for me. It's a coconut Brazilian treat that tasted like a coconut paste dessert in an ice cream cone. It was delicious! I really liked the "Chocolate Lava Cake" too. It's a warm moist chocolate cake with cold vanilla ice cream. It's a traditional dessert that brought me back to my childhood.

More information: Kone offers an "All you can eat" special on Mondays and Tuesdays.

There is no validation for parking. So, you will have to park on the street, in a local parking garage, or near Bayfront park.

Would I recommend it: Kone is a cool spot to share some appetizers with a friend or two when you're in the Miami area.

Kone Sushi Miami

247 SE 1st St, Miami, FL 33131


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