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Let's Welcome "Three" to The Wynwood Arcade

Three is Wynwood's newest culinary addition to the restaurant scene. It offers Florida inspired drinks and entrees with a Latin flare. The concept "Three" is derived from its three partners and 3 separate venues in one location. Three consist of fine dining , a social cooking school adjacent to it, and Wynwood's first rooftop lounge (above the restaurant). These 3 owners and 3 destinations in one give Three the essence behind its projected success.

My husband and I are always looking for a great place to have brunch on Sunday afternoons. We stopped by Three last Sunday and we were blown away from start to finish by the rich flavors, innovative pairings of foods, and the creativity behind each drink and entree. They definitely get an "A" for effort.

Three is located at Wynwood Arcade, in an industrial plaza. The building has beautiful, professional artwork on the walls, It truly captivated us from the walkway. As we walked in, we were greeted by deep turquoise and green hues throughout the restaurant. It has a tropical Floridian appearance, with a Moroccan/ Latin ambiance. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful in every single way . There was lively Latin music playing in the background. The music was low enough to allow me to hear everything that my husband said, but high enough to get me to tap my feet and sway a little bit to the beat every so often. The restaurant even has a chef counter to enjoy your meal right in front of the action of the kitchen. Chef Juan Garrido and James Beard award-winning Chef Norman Van Aken are the culinary geniuses behind the premise of Three.

The drink options at Three are endless. They have classics that you love, new concoctions, and a wine list that complements the menu. For our drinks, my husband ordered a "Late Bloomer" and I had a "Matter OF Habit" The "Late Bloomer" (the picture on the left; drink is on the right) is made with vodka, Elderflower, apple, lemon, and basil. It was so refreshing and it provided a calming effect. Some customers have stated that my drink, the 'Matter OF Fact" (above; on the left) can be a little sweet, but it wasn't too sweet to me. It had a dual taste. As I drank it initially, I could taste the flavors of the raspberry, mint, and lime at the bottom of the glass, but as the coconut mixture melted on top the drink took on a new flavor. Honestly, you're either going to love it or dislike it. However, I definitely think it's worth a try.

For our appetizers, we ordered the "Key West Shrimp Ceviche" and the "Blood Orange Toast." The shrimp ceviche is made with cherry bomb pepper, 'leche de tigre,' choclo, sweet potatoes, and cancha. It has a little heat and a savory flavor. The "Blood Orange Toast" is charred blood orange jam, truffled cheese, and local honey. This appetizer was perfection on a plate! The jam was so flavorful and thick in texture, the truffled cheese enhanced the flavor, and the honey added the perfect touch of sweetness to the entree. It was my first "Blood Orange Toast," but it definitely won't be my last.

For our main entree, we couldn't decide if we wanted to have breakfast or lunch items. So, we decided to order one breakfast entree and one lunch entree and share them to get the best of both worlds. We ordered the "Huevos Rancheros Miami Style." It is my absolute favorite huevos rancheros (picture to the left) of all time! I am not even a big egg eater and I loved this dish. The sweetness of the caramelized plantains, the spice from the peppers, and the crunchiness from the crisp tortilla shell made this an incredible dish. We also ordered the "Pan-Cooked Yellowtail Fillet of Key West." The Yellowtail (picture below) came with garlic mash potatoes, asparagus, and a citrus butter. The fish was delicate and moist, and seasoned perfectly.

We had a little room to taste dessert, so we decided to pick a couple of desserts from Three's unique dessert list. We ordered the "Baked Alaska" and the "Raspberry Parfait." The "Baked Alaska" is light and has just a bit of sweetness. The "Raspberry Parfait" (picture to the left) looked like a work of art that anyone could appreciate. How may times do you see flowers on your dessert? It has a unique taste because of the raspberry parfait, the lychees, and the marshmallow decorations. I personally do not like raspberries enough to enjoy it in my dessert. However, it definitely makes a statement.

Extra information: The staff and manager are all very friendly. Jaycee was our server and she did an incredible job! She is so patient and she helped us find items on the menu that she thought we would love.

Three serves lunch, brunch, and dinner. I have never tasted their dinner. However, if brunch is so good, can you imagine dinner? Pay attention to their times of operation because they are not open for business every day, nor do they offer brunch on any other day than Sunday, or serve lunch beyond Thursday through Saturday. Be careful because you do not want to miss this restaurant.

Would I recommend it: YES! YES! YES! My husband said that he can't wait to go back. You might run into me there next Sunday. There are so many options to choose from, it only makes sense to keep going until I have tried everything on the menu.


50 Northwest 24th Street Suite 101, Miami, FL 33127, USA



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