• Lisa Marie

Harvest Seasonal Grill: Have You Tried Their Seasonal (Spring) Menu?

Imagine going to a restaurant that offers healthy, fresh food with the right portions all year long. You don't have to imagine much longer because Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar exist and it is in Delray Beach. Each season, Harvest adds a few seasonal items to the menu, but they always keep their staple items to make sure that you keep coming back for your absolute favorites.

My husband and I went to Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar on a Saturday evening. We started off with drinks. Harvest is known for great craft cocktails, sangria, and wines. My husband even found a spring Bourbon on the menu that he absolutely loved! My favorite drink at Harvest is their moscow mule. It's so refreshing!

For our appetizers, we went back and forth about what to order. There were gluten free items, vegetarian options, and items under 500 calories! It was a foodie girl's dream.....eating without the guilt. We had to stick with our favorite; Harvest's flatbread. Harvest always has a few different flatbread options. We love the "Jerk Chicken Flatbread," but this time we opted for the "Spring Garden Flatbread." It's a thin flatbread, the size of a thin crust pizza, topped with goat cheese, asparagus, sunflower seeds, dandelion greens, local honey, and chive pesto. We're not big goat cheese eaters so we got it without the cheese, and it tasted so good. It is truly addictive! The honey on the flatbread provides such a savory flavor. This is a great way to get the kiddies or adults to eat their vegetables. It's incredible.

For our dinner entrees, I had the "Impossible Vegan Burger." It's a 100% plant-based vegan burger with a vegan burger roll, vegan cheddar, and a side salad. It's a treat for vegetarians and for those that are lactose intolerant. My husband had the "Blackened Yellowfin Tuna." It is served with Harissa cauliflower rice, tomato and avocado crudo, and green curry papaya. I'm not a big fan of seared tuna, so I let him enjoy his meal on his own. Our favorites at Harvest Seasonal Grill are the flatbread options, "Seared Sea Scallops", and "Cedar Roasted Salmon."

I love that the desserts at Harvest come in little shot glasses. The shot glass is really the portion size that we should be eating. The desserts are just another example of how clever and food conscious the Harvest family is because they always have their customer's best interest at heart. What else could you ask for? Fresh, gluten-free desserts at a low calorie count, and the best part is they taste great!

Tips: Try to go in the afternoon or early in the evening because it gets busy quickly. For the best experience and fast service , I love going before 6 pm.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! It's refreshing to go out to eat and feel great about your choices. Bring some friends and enjoy the food!


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