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Saiko-i Sushi & Hibachi Lounge: Boca's Best Asian Restaurant Has Arrived!

Saiko-i Sushi Lounge and Hibachi is one of Boca Raton's newest Asian restaurants. The owners, Tina Wang and Jason Zheng, also own Yakitori Sake House in Boca Raton. Wang manages the restaurant and Zheng is the culinary mastermind in the kitchen. They are considered culinary trailblazers of Asian food because the creative innovation of color, texture, and ingredients will take you on a journey from start to finish,

My husband and I stopped by Saiko-i Sushi and Hibachi Lounge on a Saturday afternoon. It is located in a quaint plaza, and I was surprised to see how spacious the restaurant is when we opened the doors. It is over 7,000 square feet and has lots of room for hibachi tables, private booths, a seafood bar, and an outside dining area. The space welcomes room to celebrate a special occasion with a group or share an intimate meal with a friend.

We took our seats, and ordered some drinks. We were surprised by how may really interesting craft cocktails were listed on the menu. I ordered the "Lychee Martini," I am absolutely in love with lychees so this was an easy choice. Saiko-i's version of the lychee martini comes with Three Olives Vodka, lychee juice, and lychee fruit. It was light and refreshing, and the fact that it was topped with lychees made it just perfect. My husband ordered the "DT Cooler." It is made with Hendrick Gin, Muddle cucumber, lime juice, organic agave, and a splash of tonic. He really enjoyed it.

For our appetizers, we ordered sushi! We figured that you can't come to the Saiko-i Sushi and Hibachi Lounge without trying sushi. We're not as adventurous as some would like to think, so we chose cooked items inside of our sushi. I ordered the "Twin Peaks" and my husband ordered "Angry Bird." The "Twin Peaks" is sushi made with rock shrimp tempura topped with spicy lobster, kani, and spicy mango sauce. The "Angry Bird" is made with shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy kani salad, yuzu edamame, and eel sauce. These sushi dishes were easily on our top 5 list for best sushi that we have ever had. The flavor and texture was incredible, and the ingredients were of a high quality.

Since it seemed like the Saiko-i Sushi and Hibachi Lounge could do no wrong, we decided to to become fearless foodies. We ordered some "Carpaccio." You can order it with sea scallop, wahoo, fluke, yellowtail snapper, or salmon. We had the wahoo. It is raw fish that is sliced thinly in a sashimi style with truffle oil, wasabi yuzi, and fried garlic. I think my husband may have closed his eyes during this dish to savor each bite. He was absolutely in love. I must say, for people that don't normally eat raw fish, we devoured the wahoo. My husband has a love affair with truffles and truffle oil, so this was right up his alley. I was really impressed.

For the main entree, I ordered the "Lobster and Shrimp Hibachi Combination" and my husband ordered the "Lobster Pad Thai." My meal came with a traditional Asian salad and soup. The salad was light and had a tinge of sweetness. The soup was a hot broth with a few mushrooms, and the flavor was great. My lobster and shrimp were absolutely delicious. My fried rice needs a drum roll! You can tell a lot about a chef by how he/she make their fried rice. It's a staple with mu Asian cuisines, and I was blown away by the fried rice at Saiko-i Sushi and Hibachi Lounge! I could easily go in just for an order of their fried rice. They get it, and they get me! My husband is a huge pad thai lover, and he repeatedly said that this was his favorite pad thai dish ever. Of course, I had to decide if I was going to confirm or deny the title. I must say, when I tasted his pad thai I agreed with him. I was really impressed.

For dessert, we had "Mochi." It's a Japanese rice cake that has been molded into a specific shape. Saiko-i Sushi and Hibachi Lounge make such a delicate treat by decorating the mochi into 3 different flowers. It was such an appropriately light ending to a wonderful meal,

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! Saiko-i Sushi and Hibachi Lounge offers a true Asian culinary experience. When I asked my husband, "What was your favorite part of the meal?" He said, "Everything!" Trust me, I cook for him at home, and he is a hard man to please. So, I know that he loved his meal. This is a great restaurant for special occasions and when you're just feeling for some great Asian food. Bring a friend or a group, and I know you'll have a great experience.

Saiko-i Sushi & Hibachi Lounge


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