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The Hummus Factory is Serving Hummus in Every Way Possible!

The Hummus Factory is such a unique representation of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern community in Hollywood, Florida. It's a casual spot to get food on the go or sit for a quick bite. It serves fresh, vegetarian food that is kosher! Surprisingly, this is hard to find in Hollywood, FL. They have found so many fun and unique ways to present hummus, and of course, they did not forget to include falafel, pitas, stir-fried veggies, pita bread, and french fries.

My husband and I stopped by The Hummus Factory on a Saturday afternoon. We ordered the "Hummus Veggie Ground Beef" dish, "Hummus Mushrooms" dish (picture to the left), Falafel Balls with Tahini sauce, french fries, and salad. The "Hummus Veggie Ground Beef" is a bowl of hummus with what looks like ground beef in the center of the bowl. Even thought it looks like beef and taste like beef, I am told it is not beef. I have been a big meat eater my whole life and I could not tell the difference. The "Hummus Mushrooms" entree was prepared similarly to my veggie dish, but they replaced the central topping with mushrooms instead. The Falafel Balls were really delicious. I have been to several Mediterranean restaurants and avoided the the Falafels because I don't think that everyone can prepare them to my liking. However, the Falafels and Tahini sauce worked really well together. So, I've had french fries and you have had french fries, so what can be so special about The Hummus Factory french fries? Well, I've never dipped my french fries in hummus and Israeli salad. The hummus served as a thick sauce and the salad added a little spice to each fry. Between the french fries and the freshly baked pita bread, I was in carb heaven. Each meal comes with an assortment of sauces, spices, and pickles so that you can savour the Mediterranean taste.

Extra information/tips: You can get hummus served with Tahini, Shakshuka, chickpea, sweet potato, broccoli, or cauliflower. There is so much hummus served in one entree that you can easily share it with a friend.

They are opened from 10am-6pm Sundays-Thursdays and 10am-3pm on Fridays.

Would I recommend it: If you're looking for a quick, casual bite, The Hummus Factory is a good lunch option.

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