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Sandals Grenada LaSource Made Me A SANDALS Believer Again

I was treated like a princess on my honeymoon in 2006 at Sandals Royal Plantation. That was my first Sandals vacation and I was blown away by the drinks, food, and service. However, when my husband and I went to Sandals St. Lucia La Toc in 2016, our view of Sandals became tainted because of the poor service, old rooms, and inconsistencies. We weren't sure if we would travel to another Sandals resort again. However, I am here to announce that we gave Sandals another shot, and Sandals has redeemed themselves with Sandals Grenada LaSource !

My husband and I went to St. George's, Grenada last month.When we stepped outside of the airport, Sandals had several representatives waiting for us with signs. We quickly got on the private bus with the other Sandals guests and were on our way to the resort within minutes. Everyone told us that it would be a short ride. However, we were shocked when we reached the resort in less than 5 minutes. We could of walked! Seriously, Grenada is so hot that we wouldn't have made it. The island is 12 degrees above the equator and you feel the heat......every bit of it. Thank God for the ocean breeze!

When my husband and I entered the property, we were greeted by the staff members. We were given a small towel to wipe our hands and a glass of champagne. Even though several of us came in at the same time, the check-in process was very smooth and completed really fast. We chose the "Honeymoon South Seas Poolside Hideaway Junior Suite with Balcony Tranquility Soaking Tub." The property has 257 rooms/suites to choose from. There are modest rooms with poolside or lagoon views all the way up to exquisite rooms on the ocean with personal infinity pools on the balcony. However, since the hotel is relatively new, all of the rooms are really nice.......of course, some of the rooms are nicer than others.

Our room was one of the more conservative rooms. It had a king sized bed, flat screen television, and lots of drawer space. It was modern and chic, but very comfortable. I loved the bathroom area the best. The walk-in shower had a sky light window with natural light coming through all day long. The vanity area was very spacious and the toilet was in a separate area with a door for extra privacy. I also liked the balcony because it has long, flowing curtains that could be pulled for privacy, an outdoor table to have a meal with your significant other, a romantic tranquility tub to relax in, and a private pool shared among the people in that particular building. Since most people went to the main pools, the private pools were normally very calm and quiet.

The resort has 5 pools and 2 whirlpools. The two largest pools are the most active. The ocean-side pool is not covered and it usually host an older crowd. It's more European and the social activity usually involves mild conversation. They have added a relaxation area in the center of the pool that provides a space to talk and hang out without getting wet. What is more tropical than sitting in the center of a pool and looking out at an ocean!? It's a really cool concept. The pool farthest from the beach (near "Cucina Romana") has a d.j., staff members to keep the party going, a swim-up bar in the pool, pool volleyball, and games throughout the day. This pool is obnoxiously fun and Americanized.....just the way I like it. :D

Sandals LaSource is on Grenada's Pink Gin Beach (picture below, on the left). After traveling through the island, we realized that there are much better public beaches (picture below, on the right) on the south side of the island than the spot that Sandals chose for their property. However, the Sandals beach is still very nice. If you would like to go to the public beach, you would have to take a taxi, but it is only about 10 minutes away. I am a water girl, but I only stepped into the beach once on this trip. Most of my time was spent in the pool, eating, or exploring the island.

Sandals LaSource has 10 restaurants. Some restaurants served incredible food and others provided mediocre entrees. However, nothing was ever horrible or inedible. For breakfast, my favorite place to eat was at the French restaurant, "Le Jardinier." This restaurant hosts French cuisine at night, but it serves a fresh breakfast prepared by a chef each morning. The menu offers a variety of options and there is truly something for everyone. "Spices" and "Cucina Romana" offer buffet breakfasts. Some days, the breakfast buffet was good and other days, the options were limited. However, I was never disappointed at "Le Jardinier." I often ordered an authentic Grenadian breakfast (picture below) or a traditional American breakfast.

For lunch, we usually ate at "Spices" or "Neptunes." "Spices" is a buffet restaurant by day, but they serve plated dishes at night. Each day, the theme at "Spices" changed. So, we were able to try their Indian, Asian, Italian, and Grenadian themes. I loved the Grenadian dishes. They served a dish called "Oil Down" that was absolutely incredible. It's there national dish and I can see why they are so proud of it. "Neptunes" offers traditional American lunch, but I never made it to their seafood inspired dinner. The chicken quesadillas are really good. You should definitely try it as an appetizer.

The resort offers a few places to get snack items. "Dinos Pizzeria Italiana" serves very good pizza. It's not like a traditional NY pizza. It has more of a tropical-European flare. You will see these coveted pies throughout the entire resort because they are so tasty that they actually become addictive. They also sell beef patties and soft serve ice cream there. I wasn't too fond of the beef patties because I am used to the traditional Jamaican beef patties. I didn't get a chance to try the soft serve ice cream. "Cafe de Paris" is a great spot to get a coffee, ice cream, or a sweet treat. The desserts are delicious. However, be careful, the store is super cold!

For dinner, "Kimonos" and "Butch's Steakhouse" were the only two restaurants that required a reservation. We walked right into the other restaurants, but sometimes there was a short wait. We ate at "Kimonos," "Butch's Steak house, " "Spices, "and "Cucina Romana." "Kimonos" is the Asian hibachi. The show and the food are incredible! "Butch's Steakhouse" is supposedly the fine dining establishment for the property. However, I was very disappointed. We ordered our steak medium-well, and they were served extremely well done and very dry. The sides were mediocre and we left so confused.How was this restaurant supposed to be the king dining establishment. "Spices" changes its theme of food each night. I enjoyed my meal there. I thought that the food was different and unique, but full of flavor. I did not like "Cucina Roman." I'm not sure if was the Grenadian take on Italian food or just my palate, but my husband and I weren't impressed with anything that we ordered. We didn't have a chance to eat at "Soy," or "Tipsy Turtle Pub." We were told that the sushi is out of this world at "Soy" and you have to order the "sheperd's pie" at the pub.

LaSource has 6 full service bars. Of all of the luxury resorts that I have been to, Sandals always impresses me with their premium liquor and craft cocktail menu. Our favorite drinks were the BBC, mojitos, and pina coladas. Either way, they have a drink for everyone. Some bars make it better than others. In our opinion, the bar in the "Living Room" served the best drinks.

In the day, we usually did an excursion in the morning, came back for lunch, got in the pool, and participated in items on the schedule. We went to a cooking class and pool volleyball game to name a few of the daytime activities. Scuba diving and motorized water sports are offered in the day and it is included in your resort fee. We didn't get a chance to scuba dive or do any water sports. On land, there is a tennis court, croquet area, and beach volleyball. The Grenadian sun is extremely hot, so make sure that you try to enjoy these activities earlier or later in the day.

At night, I think Sandals needs to work on getting professional entertainment other than musicians. I love music as much as the next person, but I don't want to hear someone singing or watch someone play an instrument every night. Also, they could use a staff entertainment team to get people to feel comfortable hitting the dance floor. At night, we usually headed back to our room around 10 pm and called it a night partly because there wasn't much to entertain us and also because we were usually so tired from our daily dose of Grenadian sunshine.

The Red Lane Spa is small, but very elegant and relaxing. . The prices were surprisingly reasonable, so we decided to get a full package. My husband and I purchased the 2 hour deep tissue massage and scrub. The scrub and massages were okay. The masseuse did their job, but we weren't blown away by the experience. I've had better spa experiences at other resorts. I was hoping that Sandals LaSource was going to make their massage unique since we were in the "Spice Island." I thought that they would use some healing or exotic spices in their scrub or played on our senses during the massage and have use breathe in a spice aroma deeply to relax us. The massage table needed a heater and the experience needs to be taken to the next level.

We fell in love with the island of Grenada. It reminded us of a safer, cleaner Jamaica. I love the culture and the people are so laid back. We went on an excursion almost every day that we were there, and we had a blast!

Extra information: Sandals LaSource, like most Sandals properties, offers a butler service with certain room categories. The butler service on this property is only included in the higher level suites. They can make your restaurant reservations, reserve a pool or beach chair for you in the morning, bring treats to your room, unpack your luggage, or meet your individual needs. We did not get a butler with our room category.

The Sandals policy states that only butlers can receive tips. However, we tipped whenever we received a service and only one person turned us down. I don't think that this rule is strictly enforced and if you feel like someone has done an exceptional job, I think that you should show your appreciation.

There is free wi-fi in all of the rooms and public locations. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you're connected to everyone at home and a curse because you're connected to everyone at home.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! Sandals Grenada LaSource has European sophistication, the spice of the island, and the warmth from the people. LaSource is completely different from the other Sandals properties and definitely has a unique style and grace. Email me if you have any questions about the resort or our experience in Grenada at contactus@thefloridapalate.com

Grenada LaSource


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