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Poseiden Greek Restaurant & Outdoor Lounge:

Poseidon Greek Restaurant & Outdoor Lounge is a Greek oasis in the midst of the rush of Miami Beach. On the renown Washington Street, there are tourists exploring, residents taking a stroll, and the sounds of the beach a few blocks away. However, at the core of Miami Beach lies one of the best Greek restaurants that I have ever eaten at in Florida! The restaurant has an outdoor patio lounge to enjoy the Florida sun. Its interior consist of shades of blue and a seaside appeal reminiscent of the Greek shores in the Mediterranean. The food is completely authentic, and the olive oil and several other ingredients are imported from Greece.The servers are very distinguished and have a European background. It doesn't take long to feel like you have crossed the seas and are in the center of a Greek empire.

The brothers and co-owners of the restaurant, Vasilios and Demetrios (head chef), have taken a culinary journey of their own. They have set their footprints in the Miami sand before with a restaurant a few blocks away called "Zesto Pizza & Subs." After the closing of the pizza restaurant, both brothers joined their talents together to form the Poseidon Greek Restaurant and Outdoor Lounge with Vasilios running the front of the house and Demetrios running the kitchen. Chef Demetrios is very well known in the Florida culinary arena. He has won many awards for his seafood dishes, especially his fish. He has reigned as the champion for the last several years at the South Beach Seafood Festival.

On a warm Sunday afternoon, my husband and I approached the Poseidon Greek Restaurant. We were greeted by a host and offered outdoor or indoor seating. As appealing as the outdoor seating appeared, we opted to sit indoors to cool down after our walk. I'm not sure if it was the hues of blue, pictures of the sea, or just slipping away from Miami Beach. However, the ambiance of the restaurant brought us a sense calmness and we released a breath of air and began to order our lunch.

For our starter, we ordered the "Shrimp Saganaki." It is served almost like a casserole, with the feta cheeses and the fresh tomato sauce baked on the outer crust. Then, within the top layer, there are two succulent shrimp. It was a great appetizer for two.

For our entrees, I ordered the lamb chops and my husband order the bronzino. My lamb chops were served like a work of art. The lamb chops touched like a group of professional swimmers making a pyramid as they hovered over the vegetables and potatoes below. This was the type of entree that I didn't want to eat because it looked so beautiful. However, I quickly got over the desire to admire my lamb chops, and I enjoyed them thoroughly. My husband ordered the king of all dishes, the bronzino. You can't go to Poseidon without trying it.

His fish was filleted at the table, then spices and olive oil was added. It was quite a show. The passion and meticulous nature that Chef Demetrios used to prepare the fish reminded me of someone with a canvas creating a masterpiece. He was in tuned with the process, and it was quite a show. After the fish was served, my husband raved about how great the fish was and that it was the best branzino that he had ever had. I finally got a chance to taste it. We're from a Caribbean family, so eating fresh fish was a common occurrence. However, Poseiden Greek's fish was an entirely different taste and flavor. The outer portion of the fish offered a crisp texture and within was so delicate and juicy. The bronzino was seasoned perfectly! This dish made you want to close your eyes with each bite and savor each swallow.

For dessert, I was really impressed that the restaurant offered more than the traditional baklava. There were several options to choose from, but we chose the "Bougatsa." It's like a pastry with a crisp outer crust and a warm custard inside. Nothing goes better with warm custard than vanilla ice cream. At this point, the dessert was so delicious that I just thought that the restaurant was showing off. From start to finish, I was in awe by the Greek culinary journey that occurred in my mouth. Poseiden means the god of the sea, and the Poseidon Greek Restaurant and Outdoor Lounge are easily the gods of Greek food.

Would I recommend it: Over and over again. It was an experience that I will never forget. Chef Demetrios is in a league of his own. Stop by and let me know what you think by emailing us at contactus@thefloridapalate.com

1131 Washington Av

Miami Beach, FL

Sunday-Thursday: 11.00-23.30 / Friday-Saturday: 11.00-23.45

+1 305-534-4434


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