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localgreens: Delray Beach's Top Choice For A Quick and Healthy Meal!

"localgreens" is a casual eatery in Delray Beach, Florida. They opened their doors last year and they have continued to evolve into Delray Beach's top choice for quick, healthy food with a great taste. When I stopped by "localgreens" shortly after they initially opened they were in the process of creating an identity of promoting healthy living within the Delray Beach community. They had big plans for their restaurant and they wanted to really make an impact in the Delray Beach area by reaching out and giving back. I believe that they have surpassed their projected goals and they are making an unbelievable impact after being open for less than a year!

For those of you that have not had the chance to step into "localgreens," it is a relaxed eatery that offers healthy meals customized to your preferences. They have a kiosk accessible to the customers in line to allow customers to place their orders before reaching the front of the line. At their computer generated kiosk, the customers can create the specific salad, hot/cold bowl, or powersnack bowl that they desire and pay for their meal if they are using a credit/debit cards before they speak to anyone behind the counter.

My husband, Anthony, and I recently visited "localgreens" and it has evolved into another level of greatness! Upon our initial visit, we were impressed with their commitment to provide healthy foods at a great price, keep a locally sourced restaurant, and serve only organic and fresh ingredients. Now, "localgreens" has stayed true to their foundation, but they have expanded their menu, added new hours, created loyalty cards, and are now catering locally. The menu was initially filled with salads, rice bowls, and noodles. However, they have added wraps, smoothies, wheat grass shots, new rice bowls, and made some modifications to the menu. All of these additions and modifications were customer based. "localgreens" and their customers have become even more acquainted with each other and their is an open line of communication as to what the customer likes. Their new hours are a reflection of their customer's desires to have the doors to "localgreen" opened even longer. The loyalty cards were created to make the guests feel like a part of the family and allow their visit to go by smoothly. The Delray Beach and surrounding cities have grown accustom to great food at "localgreens" and they wanted to share it with their family and friends. So, catering became an inevitable service for "localgreens" to share their meals with offices, large parties, and events.

On this visit, as much as we wanted to order another salad,we ordered some new items. We initially started out with the "Southwest Rice Bowl" (picture above) and the "(o)mega Mango Smoothie." We kept our bowl as it was customized, and we added steak. It was REALLY good! There was so much color, flavor, and nutrients in the bowl. The "(o)mega Mango Smoothie" was so rich and creamy. Who knew that mango and peanut butter could work well together?! After sampling the "Southwest Rice Bowl," our eyes started to glance back at the menu so that we could taste a few more items. We ordered the "Greek Rice Bowl" and the "Hawaii Mang-o Rice Bowl." The "Greek Rice Bowl" (picture above) was my absolute favorite dish. I'm not sure if I was Mediterranean in my pass life, but something about this bowl resonated with me. The seasonings and spices worked so well together. How many people can order a high quality steak dish with whole grain rice, hummus, and pita bread for less than $12? I could literally eat the "Greek Rice Bowl" for lunch every day.

A nice twist to the menu was our "Hawaii Mang-o Rice Bowl." We added the tuna poke protein to complete the Hawaiian picture. I went to Hawaii in November of 2017 and this dish definitely brought me back to the Pacific Ocean. It's light, flavorful, and has a little bit of sweetness from the mango.

Extra Information: The last time that we were at "localgreens" we met Charlie, the manager and brain behind the evolution of the restaurant. I love how much he cares about people in the restaurant and in the community. On my last visit, I learned about "localgreens' " passion for providing education and encouraging physical activity to make the body whole. Initially, the restaurant started their journey with the local Boys and Girls Club and they have continued their efforts in the community by partnering with organizations to fight brain cancer and cystic fibrosis. A restaurant that serves amazing food is great, but a restaurant that can also tackle the concerns in the community and reach out to those in need is worthy of my loyalty for years to come. From day one, I have been impressed with "localgreens" and they continue to amaze me.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! I can't wait to return. Stop by and let me know what you think at contactus@thefloridapalate.com


1841 S Federal Hwy #400, Delray Beach, FL 33483


Phone: (561) 808-8880


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