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Jack's Home Cooking: Serving the Comfort Food That Miami Has Been Waiting On

"Jack's Home Cooking" (also commonly called "Jack's Miami") is a casual Italian eatery in Miami, Florida. The restaurant resembles a house with a terrace, and the homely ambiance makes you feel like you stopped by your grandmother's house to get a home cooked meal. They opened their doors in the latter part of 2016 and they have been serving families from Miami and beyond ever since. Their Italian cuisine provides a comfort and familiarity that Miami has been waiting on.

Alan Roth and his friend John Parlavechio teamed up to create "Jack's Home Cooking." They have a long history in the culinary and hospitality world. Roth was a former nightclub owner and in the hospitality business for years. Parlavechio worked in restaurants his whole life, owned a restaurant in New York in the 90s, and brought his grandmother's recipes along for his new adventure. With the best of both worlds, this tag team has been able to create a successful restaurant in the the Wynwood area of Miami.

When you walk into "Jack's Home Cooking," you will see photos cascaded on the right side of the wall with only famous pictures of people named "Jack" in each one. The fun part is that you have to decide which Jack it is. It could be Jack Nicholson or Jackie Robinson, and the list goes on and on. Speaking of Jack Nicholson, he was a major influence for the name of the restaurant and the photos of all the "Jacks" on the wall. Parlavechio met Jack Nicholson through a friend, and he cooked for him on a number of occasions. However, Parlavechio's other friends would tease him and say that he didn't really know Jack Nicholson. Well, not only did he know Jack Nicholson, he named the restaurant and created a "Jack" wall in his honor! If you look at the logo of the restaurant, you'll see a pair of black sunglasses, very reminiscent of the style that Jack Nicholson has worn for decades. One of the servers informed me that if you can name all the "Jacks" on the wall, you can get a small prize. I was able to name many, but it is quite difficult to name all of them. You have to let me know how many you get!

We decided to sit outside because it was a beautiful Florida day. The menu has classic Italian dishes and a few extra treats. We started off with drinks and an appetizer. You have to try the "Jack Mule," it's their version of the traditional moscow mule. I'm a moscow mule girl, but the "Jack Mule" blew me away. It was so refreshing and perfect for a hot Florida day. For our appetizer, we started with the "Homemade Garlic Bread." It is toasted Italian bread served with "Jack's" special garlic spread and marinara dipping sauce. It was quite tasty and a great way to set the Italian tone for the remainder of the food coming.

For our entree, my husband ordered the Chicken Parmesan and I ordered the Maui Maui fish sandwich with a side salad. My husband loved his Chicken Parmesan. It was a chicken cutlet topped with "Jack's" marinara and melted mozzarella. I took a bite, and quickly agreed that it was amazing. The chicken was moist and the sauce was incredible. It was quickly added to our "Top 5 Chicken Parmesan" list. I was in the mood for something light, and sometimes "light" and "Italian" definitely don't work well together. However, the Maui Maui fish sandwich was right up my alley. It's seasoned well, and the sauce is so good that you'll probably need some more on the side.

For dessert, we were pretty full so we shared a tiramisu. The coffee taste was so rich and the dessert was so delicate. Its contrast worked so well. The tiramisu was such a great ending to our meal.

Would you recommend it: Yes. If your're looking for some Italian comfort food in a casual atmosphere, you've found your spot. Take a seat outside and enjoy the Florida life.

Email me at contactus@thefloridapalate.com if you have any questions.


2426 NE 2nd Ave Miami FL 33137

TEL.: 305.640.5507


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