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La Moderna: Italian Food With A Flare

La Moderna is an Italian restaurant in the heart of the Miami Beach Sunset Harbour. It accompanies many fine restaurants in the area, and it has found a way to set itself apart by bringing an authentic taste of Italy to Miami. Many of the ingredients are imported from Italy, and they take pride in only serving the highest quality ingredients to their guests. La Moderna creates a true Italian culinary experience through its presentation and traditional recipes. However, it makes sure to appeal to its Miami demographic by providing some Italian shimmer and flare in their presentation. They're known for their "cucina, cocktail, and pizza." However, I would like to say that they're known for so much more.

The Sunset Harbour area is clean, fresh, and modern. My husband and I took the opportunity to notice people enjoying their Sunday afternoon by talking a walk, getting in the water, or enjoying their meals at the restaurant patios. This was what Sundays in Florida were made for! When we arrived at La Moderna, I quickly noticed that it is clean and sleek. One of the walls are covered with pictures of different locations in Italy. There is also a bar and a few televisions to provide the modern Florida appeal.

We started off with the "Salumi e Formaggi." It (picture to the left) is served with prosciutto di parma, capocollo, bresaola, pecorino, parmigiana-reggiano, Bufala mozzarella, and a cup of honey on the side. You guys know that I am always honest with you. I can honestly say that this is the best "Salumi e Formaggi" I've ever had! It might be the best cheese platter I've ever had too. The prosciutto was such a fine cut, the cheeses were all so rich and savory, and the fresh bread worked so well with it. My favorite part was drizzling the honey over the cheese. The contrast of all the flavors made me close my eyes and chew slowly. I could literally eat this meal every day.

After our appetizer, we were really looking forward to having our main course. We ordered a few items to get a feel for the restaurant. My husband ordered the "Fettuccine Porcinin e Tartufo." It (picture to the left) is house-made fettuccine with imported mushrooms and black truffle. He enjoyed it, but he did wish that he had some protein in his pasta to add a little more texture and variation to the bowl. I ordered the "Sea Bass Al Cartoccio." It is a Chilean Sea Bass with capers, olives, and mini vegetables. I really enjoyed it. It was such a light and healthy dish.

We couldn't leave without trying the pizza. So, we tried the "Stella." It (picture to the left) has Bufala mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, argula, prosciutto di parma and shaved parmiggiano -reggiano. The pizza is European inspired and it really is a work of art. There were so many rich colors and hues on this pizza, that I didn't want to ruin it by eating it. After admiring it for a few more seconds, I dug in. I enjoyed it more than most European inspired pizzas that I have tried in the past. However, as beautiful as it looked, I'm still a New York girl at heart. So, I can't appreciate the pizza as much as I should because I raised on greasy slices from the corner pizzeria. : D

We decided to share a dessert. We were told that the cheesecake is amazing and we should try it. I have only liked cheesecake a few times in my entire life, so I was a little reluctant. However, after having such a big meal, I realized that I probably couldn't eat too much anyway. Also, my husband's mouth was saying, "It doesn't matter to me, order what you want." However, his eyes were saying, "Please pick the cheesecake." We ordered the "Italian Style Cheesecake." The cheesecake (picture above) is made with Bufala mozzarella cheese and served with a chocolate and strawberry jam. I must say, the cheesecake was incredible! Really, really amazing! For a girl that doesn't like cheesecake and wasn't very hungry, I ate half of the dessert. My husband had to eat quickly to keep up with me. I had to ask what made this cheesecake so different. The manager told me that the Bufala cheese makes it much lighter than the traditional American cheesecake. I knew that I had a sophisticated palate, but now it was confirmed. I didn't like our heavy American cheesecake because my European palate yearned for something more delicate. : D

Extra information: Even the servers and the manager are European. The manager took the time to tell us about his life in Italy and share some information about the pictures on the wall. The restaurant may be called "La Moderna," but they have maintained their Italian culture and hospitality.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! You might run into me there. I have to make sure that I get my daily fix of the "Salumi e Formaggi." This is a great place to come for an calm afternoon lunch or to get some great food in Miami's night scene. Bring someone special or a group of your friends and have an Italian meal with Miami flare. Enjoy!

La Moderna

1874 Bay Road, Miami Beach FL


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