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VERO Italian: A Piece Of Italy In Downtown Miami

VERO Italian is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Miami's busy downtown area. It is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city life, but it manages to capture old world Europe within its premises. VERO Italian offers options for the lunch hour professionals on the go, couples on a date, and the family that wants to relax and enjoy each other's company. The evenings are a bit more formal than the daytime, and it offers even more of a magical European appeal. Customers can choose to have simple dishes such as a slice of pizza or select a true Italian experience from start to finish.

When my husband and I walked the streets of the downtown Miami area, we were pleasantly surprised to see VERO Italian. It looked like someone had taken a piece of Italy, held it in time, and painted it on 90 SE 1st Street. I immediately took out my camera and saw an opportunity for a photo shoot. Not of the food, but of myself! It's so beautiful in the patio area, that it provided the perfect backdrop for couples or families to capture the moment. I have never been to Italy and this was the closest that I have come. If I could imagine Italy, VERO Italian captured what that I thought it would be like.

The restaurant includes an open kitchen and bar, an outside middle patio area, and an inside dining area. The open kitchen is very casual and provides a close connection to the chef. Chef Paolo Gallotti can easily engage in conversation with the guests and see their cleaned plates after each entree. The outside patio area is decked with dark woods, green foliage, and lights cascading above. It appears to originally have been an alley way, but it provided such a European appeal and Italian influence to the restaurant.

For our starter, we ordered the "Involtini di Melanzane e Ricotta." It's a stone oven roasted eggplant rolled over fresh ricotta in San Marzano tomatoes. It's also topped with melted provalone. As you can see (picture to the left), it was a work of art and it tasted as good as it looked. As you all know, I love cheese, so I was in ricotta bliss.

For our entrees, I had the "Salmone in Pentola" and my husband ordered the "VERO Italian Lasagna Bake." The Salmone in Pentola is an Atlantic wild catch salmon infused with peppercorn and topped with a green citrus salad. It came on a really cool wood board with the VERO Italian name imprinted in the corner. The salmon was delicious. I loved the light taste of the salmon over the heartiness of the herbed potatoes. The chef asked me what I thought about the salmon, and we laughed because I told him that I ate everything except the board that it came on! My husband's lasagna was prepared with fresh pasta sheets layered with three meats. These meats were cooking for 24 hours! It was also topped with nutmeg, Parmesan Bechamel sauce, and melted mozzarella. You know I had to take a bite.....and it was incredible! I always wonder how many ways can you create a lasagna, and so many restaurants have placed their own flare on it. You've got to try the VERO Italian way. My husband devoured his meal!

VERO Italian has so many rich, delectable desserts to try. I was really blown away by the choices and the presentation. My husband ordered the "Must-have-Tiramisu." It was rich and sweet, and he savored every bite. I didn't get a chance to taste my husband's dessert. My dessert was so tasty, that I could care less about what he was eating and by the time I looked up he was already finished with his dessert! I had the "Vulcano al Cioccolato". It comes with a round, chocolate cake shell and a scoop of ice cream. However, when your spoon breaks open the chocolate cake, there is moist, creamy Belgium chocolate within. The ice cream, nuts, and cocoa drizzled on the plate makes this dessert so good that you may just close your eyes and truly get transported to the cobblestones of Italy.

Vero Italian is owned and operated by Executive Chef Paolo Gallotti and his wife. They've created a tag team operation where he takes care of the "back of the house" and she takes care of the "front of the house." When they're not creating a dining experience on 1st street, they are busy raising their new family. The couple and their staff are so warm and friendly. Make sure to stop by and tell them we sent you. If he's not too busy in the kitchen, Chef Gallotti may be able to share even more about his remarkable culinary journey.

Extra information: They provide gluten free and vegan options.

Would I recommend it: Yes. It's a great location in Miami to have lunch or dinner. I really loved the ambiance of the outdoor patio. Take someone special or your family. Enjoy!

Send me an email (contactus@thefloridapalate.com) to let me know your thoughts.

VERO Italian

90 SE 1st ST Miami, FL,USA Phone: 305-533-1357 E-mail: info@veroitalian.com



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