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LIVE AQUA: Cancun's Key To Relaxation

Live Aqua Beach Resort is a one of a kind vacation. The resort uses your senses to take your vacation to another level. You'll see the prettiest turquoise water, hear the waves of the beach, and smell the different aromas assigned to each floor. I've been to Cancun so many times, and no other hotel compares to the relaxation that you receive at Live Aqua. The resort seduces your senses, pampers you in one of the finest international spas that I've been to in my life, and provides next-level service.

When my husband and I walked into the resort, all of the staff members were dressed in spa uniforms. Live Aqua's renowned spa has managed to seep its way into every detail of the resort. So, relaxation starts when you enter the hotel. You can literally feel your shoulders relax and your body give in to the vacation ahead of you. Maybe if Live Aqua could offer 4-d pictures of their resort, visitors could get somewhat of a glimpse of what the resort would have in store for them. However, for now, you'll just have to take my word for it.

The spa is insane! Live Aqua's hydrotherapy treatment should be a service all by itself. The staff guide you through the cold and hot water/steam treatments for an hour before you even receive your massage. The spa area is dim, exotic, and so relaxing. The massage, like the resort, uses your senses to heighten your experience. The masseuses are continually placing different aromas under your massage table opening (by your nostrils) to not only help you to relax but it actually feels like there is a spiritual or healing component. My husband and I both enjoyed our spa massages and we're really looking forward to going back.

The hotel rooms are not as large and glamorous as some suites in Cancun, Mexico. However, they are modern and chic, and are kept up nicely. The style of the room actually fits the style of the hotel. Initially, there was one problem. The cleaning crew was understaffed in my opinion. On one occasion, we left our room for four hours and when we came back the beds were not made up. After expressing this information to the front desk, they stayed on top of it. However, the rooms were cleaned quickly and the sheets still had my make-up on it. As a result, we had to write a note for the sheets to be changed.

The food at the buffet was amazing! Their breakfast buffet is the best that I have ever had. There is something for everyone, including Mexican, European, and American options. Everything is so fresh and there are staff members making fresh juice for the guests. One morning my husband wasn't feeling well, and after I comforted him I didn't know how long I could wait before disappearing and heading to the buffet by myself. I mean, I didn't tell him to overindulge the day before, so why should I be punished.

The other restaurants are okay, but this is one of the few hotels where I prefer to eat at the buffet instead of the specialty restaurants. The sushi place is amazing! They have so many unique fillings. The outdoor restaurants are pretty good, however, the hidden restaurant within the tree has limited options and the food is mediocre. The "MB" was a huge disappointment...overly pretentious food, lacking flavor. At dinner time, the buffet served food that you could find in any high end restaurant. So, the moral of the story is ....stick to the buffet, sushi, and the ceviche at the outside restaurant.

The entertainment at this resort is pretty scarce. It is focused on being a spa resort, so they want you to be able to relax. So, occasionally you would see a singer, instrument player, or small entertainment act. However, they do not have a busy daily entertainment itinerary or much happening at night. By day you can hit the pool or the beach. They even have a pool table to enjoy a game of pool with the other guests. By night, you can go directly across the street to the mall so you can take a walk, do an excursion, or catch a movie.

Overall, Mexico is known for the best hospitality that I have ever seen. Yet, somehow, Live Aqua supersedes even the finest levels of service that we have seen. You receive white glove service from check-in, restaurants, and even simple questions. I remember when my husband and I asked one of the greeters in the lobby if he knew when the movie theater across the street closed each night. He not only looked it up, he shared showtimes, and printed a guide for us. This is how they treated everything we asked; like it was our dying wish.

Tips: The resort is all-inclusive and for adults only. The hotel is on the famous Cancun beach. The water is beautiful but there can be seaweed present at certain times of year. Also, the water can be a little rough at times.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! However, be prepared to have minimal entertainment, but to be pampered like royalty. If you're looking for a luxury resort in Cancun with lots of entertainment, check out our other reviews on our hotel page.

Live Aqua http://www.liveaqua.com/en/home

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