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Eat Love Kai: Brickell Definitely Has More To Offer Than This

Eat Love Kai is a Hawaiian inspired restaurant in Miami, FL. It offers dishes, salads, and bowls that resembles staples in the the Polynesian diet with American twist. After visiting Hawaii in November of last year, I gained an appreciation for the Hawaiian culture and unique foods. While in Hawaii, I ate poke for the first time, and although it had an acquired texture and taste my husband and I enjoyed the experience.

I was thrilled to find out that there are locations in the beautiful state of Florida that offer Hawaiian dishes, especially because I didn't want to have to buy a ticket and get on another 10 hour flight just to have some Hawaiian food. When I heard about Eat Love Kai, I was thrilled. I rubbed my hands together (greedily of course) and made plans with my husband to head to Miami to try out this restaurant. The restaurant is located in the heart of Brickell, just about 30 minutes south of Broward County. It is located on the corner of the street with a really nice casual outside dining area to enjoy a South Florida day. As my husband and I walked inside, it was a little dim, and there were two ladies behind the counter. The restaurant was set up with trays of food, so that we could select the toppings that we wanted in out salad or bowl. I asked them what their top dishes were, and to my surprise, it wasn't poke! Poke is a raw fish served in the Hawaii as an appetizer or a main course. They suggested the "Steak Madness" and the "Chicken Thunder." So, we trusted their guidance and went with their suggestions.

For the "Steak Madness," I picked the Gohan rice and I kept all of the toppings that are recommended on the menu with it. The Gohan rice was delicious and the toppings were unique. The sauces were blended well and taste great with the Gohan rice. However, my steak was sooooo dry. I'm not sure if this was an off day, or if they kept the steak in the tray for too long. However, it was inedible.

My husband got the "Chicken Thunder" and a sangria. He kept his order simple and ordered everything that it traditionally comes with, and he also ordered the Gohan rice. Similar to my dish, he liked the sauces but he didn't like the chicken. Of course, my husband made me taste it, because if it doesn't taste good he doesn't want to be the only one with the bad taste in his mouth. So, I took a bite and quickly agreed. I thought that maybe it was a steak issue, but it seemed to be a protein problem. My husband really enjoyed his Sangria. It was absolutely delicious. After having such a poor lunch, we decided not to stay for dessert. I'll have to get my Hawaiian fix somewhere else.

When a gentleman walked by to get in line, I asked him if he has eaten at the restaurant before and when he told he stated that he has come a few times I asked him what he usually gets. He stated that he gets the meatballs, at this point my confusion reached a heightened peak and I pushed out my chair so that we could leave.

Overall, the restaurant seems very clean, the price was reasonable, but the service was mediocre. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't grand either . It just seemed like the servers were going with the motions of their job. I honestly think that the restaurant needs some new welcoming faces so that the customers can feel great when they walk in and it needs to take a serious look at the protein being served.

Experience: As you can tell, we did not have the experience that we hoped for. We pride our self in being an honest blogging site. So, as much as we don't like to share bad reviews we just don't want you to waste your time or money. The manager was very kind and reached out to us to come in again, but at this point, we'll let you (our followers) know if you have a better experience than we did.

Would I recommend it: No, I'm sorry. I wouldn't. There are too many great places in Miami to stop here.

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