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Pizza Carousel: 30 Years and Better Than Ever

Restaurants come and go, but some make a big enough mark in the community that they become an inherent landmark. The Pizza Carousel is a family-style Italian restaurant that was founded in 1987. I was actually only 5 years old at the origin of its establishment! You definitely have to be doing something right to last 30 years in the restaurant business. The owner of the Pizza Carousel, commonly called Rami by his customers, is very open with his success. He provides the best ingredients possible, treats his customers like family, and enjoys every day of his business.

My husband and I went to the Pizza Carousel on a Friday night in December. All of the staff members were so hospitable. It felt like Rami had invited us over to eat dinner at his house. Rami's daughter, Emily, walked around and greeted the guests at their table. She mentioned that many of the customers have watched her grow up from an early age. She also mentioned that many of the customers came to the restaurant as a child and now they bring their children. The customers that come to the Pizza Carousel feel like they're going to an extended relative's house that has their best interest at heart. The Pizza Carousel does not fry any of their food, only uses purified water, and their dough is made fresh each day. The pizza is made with skim milk cheese and they even offer a wheat crust. As a food blogger, when I think of Italian food, I never think of health conscience choices. It warms my heart to know that we can get fresh, healthy Italian food right here in South Florida.

My husband and I wanted to try a little bit of everything on the menu. We found it so interesting that Rami has an Israeli background, but his culinary skills were honed in an Italian restaurant in the Northeastern portion of the country. His distinct teachings influenced his menu to make the Pizza Carousel even more unique. We started off with a Greek salad, hummus, pita bread, and garlic rolls. I love Greek and Italian food, so I was in Eastern hemisphere heaven when I saw that I could have both choices in one restaurant. All of our starters were delicious. However, I was blown away by the garlic rolls and the hummus. I can honestly say, that their garlic rolls are definitely on my top five list. My husband said that they brought him back to his childhood. They were warm, moist, and filled with just the right amount of garlic. I could of eaten the entire plate. I would definitely stop by in the future just for the rolls! The hummus is delicious as well. It comes with warm pita bread, and it's impossible to only have one piece. I am almost certain that the pita bread spoke to me. After two more pieces of pita bread and several more hummus dips, I put the carbs down, verbally said, "I'm done," and waited for the remainder of the food.

The Pizza Carousel is known for its chicken noodle soup. Rami told us that it used to be a seasonal item, but after several customers continued to ask him to place it on the menu permanently, he finally granted them their wish. With chicken soup this good, there is no need to wait for the winter season to indulge. The chicken noodle soup should be called "Grandma's chicken noodle soup" because it was so hearty and tasted like someone's loving grandmother made it from scratch. I was waiting for a little old lady with years of wisdom to poke her head out from the kitchen. I was really impressed.

For our main entrée, we tried the baked chicken wings, the tuna fish pita, and a slice of pizza. The baked chicken wings are really good. I'm not a big fan of fried food, so this was a great alternative. The baked chicken wings are crispy on the outside and juicy within. I really don't see a need to eat them any other way. The tuna fish pita is my favorite entrée for the main meals. Tuna fish is like potato salad; it can be easily prepared incorrectly. Rami has perfected his tuna fish, and the pita bread was a new and welcoming combination for me. I know you're wondering how we had any more room to eat, but somehow we managed to try the Pizza Carousel's pizza. I am originally a New Yorker, and I like my pizza greasy, cheesy, and did I say greasy. So, the Pizza Carousel's pizza was good, but it wasn't what I love in pizza. I am open to making healthy decisions, but some things are hard to let go. Everyone has a type of pizza that they love based on the sauce, crust, or toppings so I'm sure that many people will likethe Pizza Carousel's pizza.

For dessert, we tried the Pizza Carousel's s'more pizza pie. Who can pass up Nutella and marshmallows on pizza bread! It was delicious. I had a few bites, but I think my husband had a few slices. He even took the rest home!

The Pizza Carousel is truly a home away from home. Rami should be called the Father of Coral Springs or maybe the Father of Italy. Either way, I'm working on a title for him. I had a great time at the Pizza Carousel. It reminded me of what restaurants used to be like when I was a child in New York. Invite your family, tell a friend, and enjoy!

Pizza Carousel

4619 N University Drive

Coral Springs, FL 33067


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