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Eggs n' Things: One of Honolulu's Top Breakfast Chains

On our trip to Hawaii, my husband and I couldn't wait to try the foods that reflected the Hawaiian culture. We may not have found the most authentic Hawaiian breakfast nook in Waikiki but we definitely found the most talked about location. Wherever we went, food was always on our mind and a few different couples told us that we had to stop by Eggs n' Things.

When we walked into Eggs n' Things, it reminded me of "First Watch" or a breakfast cafe on the mainland. It was open an airy, but each table was taken and more people were trailing behind us. The restaurant was so busy that we had to sit at the high top counter.

The menu had some similarities to most breakfast menus on the mainland. However, there were a lot more macadamia nuts and pineapple options to choose from. Also, they offer rice as a side dish with many of the breakfast items. The rice is a part of the Asian influence in Hawaii. I'm not a breakfast person, but I was intrigued by a few items on the menu. I ordered the macademian nut waffles and a side of potatoes. Hey, I was on vacation. I can carb overload if I want! I needed the energy to explore the island. ; ) My husband ordered a traditional pancake, eggs, and sausage breakfast.

I was really impressed with my food. I never had nuts on my waffles and these were really good. However, the waffles are very sweet, so I could only eat a quarter of it because it tasted more like dessert. The potatoes were cooked perfectly. They were crisp on the outside and so tender within. My husband really enjoyed his breakfast too. He cleaned his plate. If were going to be in Waikiki for another day, we would of definitely returned for another breakfast.

The staff was very friendly and so were the native Hawaiians that sat beside us at the high top counter. The restaurant is clean and I felt very comfortable. The prices get a little steep (in comparison to the mainland) if you order anything beyond a basic traditional breakfast for the mainland.

Would I recommend: Absolutely! I would definitely try more of the authentic dishes next time. I would rate this location higher than most mainland breakfast chains.

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