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Harvest Seasonal Grill: Food good enough to make you move to the Delray Beach area!

Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar provides healthy dining at its finest. Most of the ingredients are gathered at local farms and their menu offers the tastiest dishes for under 500 calories. Harvest Seasonal Grill believes that by knowing their farmers, they know their food. Each ingredient that reaches your plate is organic and grown in the healthiest environment.

My husband and I went to Harvest Seasonal Grill to try their Fall menu. I was expecting one small sheet of fall selections in addition to their regular menu. However, I was surprised to see that they offered enough Autumn dishes to make one comprehensive menu. They were wise enough to keep their traditional favorites and create seasonal additions.

The restaurant is extremely warm and cozy. There are stone walls and dark woods aligned along the open dining room. The lights are slightly dim and offer a great setting for a group of friends, a family meal, or even a romantic night out. It's extremely versatile and the menu meets the needs of carnivores, vegans, and picky eaters. There really is something delicious for everyone.

My husband and I started off with drinks. I had one of my favorites, the moscow mule. I was surprised by the generous amount served because most restaurants offer their mules in the smallest cup they can find. My husband had the "Sangria Flights." It's a really cool concept. He was able to get 3 oz of three different sangrias.

For our appetizer, we had the "Pear and Bleu" flatbread. This was absolutely the best flat bread that I have ever had! The sweetness of the pear and the sharp taste of the bleu cheese complemented each other perfectly. The fig glaze drizzled on top walked me straight into the Fall season. I could eat the flat bread as my main meal! This was the first bite of the food journey that my tongue was about to embark on and I was thrilled!

For our entrees, I ordered the "Seared Sea Scallops" and my husband ordered the "Cedar Roasted Atlantic Salmon." My scallops were accompanied by Asiago-Pancetta risotto, crispy brussel sprouts, and Meyer lemon oil. The scallops were absolutely devine! There was a slight crisp to the outside and it was sweet and tender within. Surprisingly, the risotto was the show stealer. My husband likes to tell everyone that he doesn't eat pork anymore. However, he couldn't stop eating my risotto. By his third fork dive into my plate, he said, "Is there bacon in this risotto?" I gave him a sly smile because I knew that he had just recognized that he was eating pancetta. My smile let him know that the bacon that he states that he no longer likes had become the star of his palate. He laughed and went in for another taste. :D He couldn't resist!

My husband's grilled salmon came with roasted fingerling potatoes, Asado grilled carrots, crispy brussel sprouts, roasted garlic lemon yogurt, and grilled lemon. My husband loved his meal, and even stated that the fish was so moist! I actually took a few bites of his fish, and agreed that it was roasted to perfection. I was really impressed by the choices offered for the main choices. One of the managers suggested that we try one of their vegetarian dishes called the "Seared Roasted Beet Scallops." It's really not scallops, but the beets are cut in the shape of scallops. At this point, I welcomed any suggestions because the dinner was amazing so far. Some of you may know that I love beets and I was looking forward to my veggie dish. However, I have never had beets done quite like this! The dish may have been inspired by their vegetarian customers but I think everyone would enjoy this entree. It was so fresh and tasty!

For dessert, Harvest Seasonal Grill offers desserts in shot glasses. This idea coincides with the restaurant's concept. After having such a healthy meal, there is no need to overindulge on dessert. Several spoonfuls of dessert should fix anyone's sweet tooth.

Overall, the restaurant is very clean, the staff is beyond friendly, and the food is out of this world. My husband and I are really looking forward to more Harvest Seasonal Grill openings in the near future. As of right now, they are expecting new restaurants to pop up in Tampa and Aventura. Trust me, we will be there!

Additional information: Most of the entrees are gluten free and the chefs are open to assisting with dietary restrictions.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! I'm thinking about moving in next door! Nothing beats healthy, high-quality food under 500 calories. I think this may be a foodie's dream. Stop by and let me know what you think. Don't forget to get something for me!

Harvest Seasonal Grill

1841 S Federal Highway, #402 Delray Beach, FL 33483




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