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Raw Juce: "There's no "I" in Juce"

Raw Juce is a healthy, casual eatery in the Country Isles plaza of Weston, Fl. It is one of 7 locations, and it continues to grow each year. It's a perfect stop to get to get organic-cold pressed juices, smoothies, acai bowls, oatmeals, or other treats. The juices are made from ingredients from all over the world. Raw Juce prides themselves on suppoabout their menu you will clearly see the health initiative behind each rting their community to live a healthy lifestyle, and once you learn choice.

My husband and I went to Raw Juce on a Saturday afternoon. There was a nice flow of people entering the eatery to grab a juice or have an afternoon snack. The crowd was young (now that I'm 35 years old, anything under 40 is young to me). Most people came with their children, significant other, or just strolled in after a work out. These people were making the conscious decision to treat their body right and it showed. After checking out the people and the cool earthy theme throughout the restaurant, I focused on their products. My husband and I try to live healthy lives. Even though we have very few restrictions for food, we exercise frequently and try to make good choices. My husband, like most of America, went through a juicing phase but it was nothing like the drinks at Raw Juice. They use the cold pressing process. Through this process, the enzymes, nutrients, and minerals stay within the drink. Some of their ingredients have come as far as Thailand and nothing is spared to get a fresh and natural drink.

Raw Juce makes fruit, vegetable, and protein drinks, and some of their drinks have a combination of all three. My favorite fruit, vegetable, and protein drinks are shown in the picture above. The "Raw Green" has parsley, spinach, romaine lettuce, kiwi, lemon, apple, kale, chorella, and ginger. Imagine getting all of those nutrients in one drink! The "Protein Blue" has almond milk, banana, blueberry, and protein powder. My absolute favorite is the "Chunky Coconut." It is a combination of coconut water and coconut meat. I was raised in a Jamaican home, so I was given coconut water my entire life and I have never had natural coconut water taste this refreshing. Coconut water can have an acquired taste, but this "juce" had a softer, sweeter taste. I was told that the coconuts in Thailand are different from the coconuts that we are used to drinking in Florida and the Caribbean. Raw Juce mixes flavors together that I never thought of and they actually taste good. For example, who would of thought of making a "Spicy Lemonade." By using lemon, spring water, coconut nectar and cayenne pepper they have created the lemonade that keeps on kicking!

When we asked about the brains behind the operation, we found out that the owner, Barry, had an actual cancer scare and used juicing as a supplement to his medical plan to help him to overcome cancer. Barry's story made me realize how personal the mission of sharing a healthy lifestyle really must really mean. This is not just a cool concept, it's a livlihood. Our diet definitely determines the outcome of our health, and the team at Raw Juce have taken the "I" out of juice to share the benefits of juicing with their surrounding community.

For most of the visit, we were focusing on the juicing. However, on the way out, my husband grabbed an acai bowl (picture to the left) and boy was he pleased. He ordered the "Berry Hemp Banana Acai Bowl." It is a bowl of mango, açai, almond milk, and raw honey. It is topped with hemp seeds, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, raw cacao nibs, chopped raw almonds, and raw honey. He didn't put his spoon down until it was completely gone!

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! You would be a fool not to want to be healthy! My only concern for the consumer is that each bottle of "juce" cost $10. Is it worth it? Well, when you're getting the freshest ingredients from all around the world it probably is worth it. However, I'm not sure how practical it is to drink a $10 drink on a daily basis. Stop by, take a shot (they literally offer juice shots) and let me know what you think! Find all of them at their website - http://www.rawjuce.com/


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