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Boca Beach Club: Relaxation on the Water

Boca Beach Club is a luxurious Waldorf Astoria oceanfront property that exemplifies modern Florida living. The resort is chic and sophisticated, but it maintains a casual and relaxing ambiance. It's a place where Floridians and visitors can enjoy the pool/beach, golf, and spa by day and enjoy the restaurants in Boca Raton or Delray Beach at night.When you walk into the resort lobby, you are surrounded by shades of blue that immediately calm your spirit and whisper sweet words in your ear. Your eyes can't miss the beautiful blue ocean water straight ahead. The entire lobby floor has an amazing view of the entire beach, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

The Boca Beach Club lies across the water from its sister resort, The Boca Raton Resort and Club (picture to the left). This is an added perk because the Boca Beach Club guests can take the shuttle or ferry to the Mediterranean inspired Boca Raton Resort throughout the day. This Boca Raton resort is the older, wiser sister to the Boca Beach Club. It was built in 1926 by Addison Mizner and its historical depth and European influence can be seen throughout the resort. The Boca Beach Club and the Boca Raton Resort share their amenities and activities. Therefore, the guests at both hotels have access to both spas, eleven restaurants and lounges, seven swimming pools, and two golf courses.

The Boca Beach Club's beach is known for it's large waves, dark sands, and romantic canopies. The beach is quiet and allows the perfect opportunities for romance and bonding to occur. The beach is private and all guests are given a hotel identification card to make sure that only guests and members of the club are on the property. The staff members usually ask you to present your identification card before ordering meals or drinks to ensure that you are a guest. I understand the concept behind the card. However, I already have a hard time keeping track of my room card, so adding an identification card was a little difficult for me.

Quality: The resort is built well, and it is very apparent that they make sure that they keep it updated. The rooms are a little more casual than the lobby. The backdrop of the room is white and it possess a modern-chic Florida style. The resort has a standard layout, with the size of the bed and views making the difference among the rooms. The bathrooms are all white and have a sleek appeal. There are two sinks, lots of space, and a nice roman tub. The shower pressure was a little weak, so I didn't enjoy my shower as much as I would of liked. However, I'll make sure to hop into the tub on my next stay.

Each oceanfront/oceanview room has floor to ceiling views of the pool and the beach. The morning view is breathtaking.There's nothing better than pulling your curtain to the side and watching the rolling waves of the ocean.

Service: I'm always going to be honest with you. The hotel staff members were friendly and answered all of our questions and requests, but the service was not exceptional. The bellman seemed like he didn't want to be at work and the servers at the restaurant were not very attentive. However, the bartenders in the lobby were very welcoming.

Cleanliness: The rooms are immaculate, the premises are well kept, and the restaurants are very clean. The beach area is well-kept. The sand in this part of Florida is darker, so don't expect white sandy beaches. It's more of a dark tan.

Price: This category is difficult to assess because the price fluctuates significantly by season at this resort. If you pick the right season, you can stay at this resort and get a package deal at a minimal cost. However, I have inquired about this resort during the holiday season or during other peak times, and I couldn't believe how high the price could be! In February, the price can be over 1k per night for a standard room. In general, I have been at more luxurious hotels for less money, but this is the number one hotel (per Trip Advisor) and it is in an affluent area.

Experience: For my Florida residents, this is a great resort to go to for a staycation if you want to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of your regular life. For my out of towners, this is a great place to see a different side of Florida and enjoy a relaxing time that includes the pool and the beach.

Extra information: I saw a few children running around at the resort. There is a kids center on the first floor, children's activities, and (of course) the pool to have loads of fun. The Boca Beach Club also has the FlowRider® Wave Simulator and sessions at the surf school.

There are great restaurants, plazas, and entertainment nearby. Also, Delray Beach is not too far away, so you can enjoy the perks of both cities.

Cool information: I actually say a few Miami Heat players at the Boca Beach Club. I was told that they do their training in the area, and the Boca Beach Club are regular host for them. How cool is that!

Would I recommend it: Yes. I think it's a great place to get away for some relaxation by yourself or with someone special. The Boca Raton Resort, their sister resort, has some great suites for a girls' trip or a romantic getaway. So, consider both resorts when you're thinking of the Boca Raton Resort. Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have - contactus@thefloridapalate.com

BOCA BEACH CLUB 900 S Ocean Boulevard Boca Raton, Florida 33432 General Inquiries: (561) 447-3000Reservations: (888) 564-1312


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