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The Office (Delray Beach, FL): A Work Space That You Will Not Want To Leave

The Office is an American gastropub in the heart of Delray Beach's food scene. Delray Beach is known for restaurants that bring residents and visitors from miles away to savour the smorgasbord of food lined up on Atlantic Ave. The Office is an American gastropub that has reminders of life in our usual work space to complement its work theme. For instance, the servers are dressed in white button down shirts with ties, and some even wear a paperclip tie holder to add a nice touch. In addition, there are mock mailboxes that may be seen in an urban office building. However, don't believe for one minute that this is pub will remind you of where you've been all week from 9 to 5. It may have similarities, but it's open and airy atmosphere, great music, and incredibly friendly staff allow you to relax and forget about your day or your week.

My husband and I went to The Office on a Friday afternoon. It was just starting to drizzle outside, so I rushed ahead of him. As I took faster strides towards the restaurant, I noticed that the front doors were wide open and the side of the restaurant was completely open and serving guests at the bar. With all of the open doors and friendly smiles from the hostess at the front of the restaurant, I already felt welcomed into a small-knit community. I looked around the restaurant. I loved the bold colors of the American flag hanging on the wall, the leather red chairs with cow fur, and the American novelties cascaded throughout the restaurant.

We took our seats and viewed the menu. The Office has so many selections to choose from, and they even offer specials that they are constantly changing. There is an extensive menu of your usual sports bar entrees, but they also have refined dishes. However, every meal was given a lot of thought and culinary precision.

We started off with drinks, I ordered a sangria and my husband ordered a margarita. The Office has many variations on their margaritas. So, make sure that you try them all and share your thoughts with us. For our appetizers, we had the "angry cauliflower." It's a a sweet and spicy fried cauliflower dish. It's one of the better fried cauliflower dishes that I have tried. If you close your eyes while you're eating it, it will actually reminds you of sweet and sour chicken.

For our meal, my husband ordered the CEO burger with truffle fries and I order the fish tacos. CEO Burger is topped with tomato jam, bacon, gruyere, blue cheese, arugula, and a special Office sauce. It's definitely not the typical burger that you find in a sports bar nor is it the burger that you will be eating at your next barbecue. This is the burger of all burgers. Since this is an American Bistro, let's take a moment of silence, place your right hand on your heart, and say an allegiance to the CEO burger. My God! It was good. It was so hearty and juicy. The cheeses and sauces were paired to perfection. We have been on the search for the best burger in Florida, and so far this is the best one that I have tasted. The truffle fries were tasty too. I tend to love anything that has been tossed with truffles, but these fries were even better than I thought they would be!

I really enjoyed my Baha Maui fish tacos. The dish comes with three tacos, but I decided to get two fried and one grill. They were both great, but the fried tacos were my favorite. The cabbage and sauce used on the tacos made me close my eyes and do a little food dance at the table.

For dessert, we ordered the tiramisu and the key lime pie. The tiramisu is not what we were expecting. Traditionally, tiramisu comes on a soft, layered blocked cake with different shades of brown, beige, and white. However, this dessert has crowned with fruit, mirrored the red and white theme of the restaurant, and had the light crunch of a few wafers. The key lime pie is similar to other key lime pies found in Florida. It's sweet and tart taste was the finishing touch on the meal.

Would I recommend it: Yes. You'll enjoy it if you're looking for a sports bar that carries high quality food with a friend, a group, or business partners. You have to try the burger! You'll thank me later.

The Office

201 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Phone: (561) 276-3600



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