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Box Coffee: Wynwood's Cold Brew

Box Coffee is a new addition to Wynwood, and it has created the most innovative twist on a coffee house that I have ever seen. Some may wonder why we would need another coffee shop. We have our traditional Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Cuban coffee spots on almost every corner of South Florida. What else can you do with the coffee bean? Surprisingly, Box Coffee has changed how South Floridians can experience coffee. The owners of Box Coffee, Bec Milgrom and Lucas Cravero, decided to create a completely cold coffee/tea house. They had no plans of creating another cookie cutter coffee shop. They planned to choose the best coffee beans in the world to create a new flavor, chill their coffees and teas so Floridians can enjoy a cold option on a warm day, and add spices and garnishes that are not typically used in coffees or teas in the sunshine state.

The moment that you walk by Box Coffee, you are immediately introduced to a new coffee experience. The coffee shop is outdoors and created by over-sized shipping containers that literally "pop up" and turn into a restaurant. Each container stores material for the coffee shop and functions as the actual framework for the business. These containers were painted by a local artist to add a pop of color and complement the vibrant teas and coffees being served.

The local artist responsible for the work of art that help Box Coffee pop is named "Kazilla the Vanilla Gorilla." Her artwork is electrifying and seems to come to life right before your eyes. The art is strategically placed on the containers as a backdrop and a representative of the palate of flavors used to create a vibrant and cool Wynwood experience.

My husband and I couldn't wait to try the cold brews that were uniquely named on the menu. My husband and I both love great food and drinks, but he is a coffee drinker and I am a tea drinker. However, we tried to stay in our usual lanes, but we ended up drinking a little bit of everything at Box Coffee because the ingredients were so interesting. They were described like yummy craft cocktails. The tea or coffee is the base and there are a collection of natural ingredients to enhance the flavor. Let me tell you about a few drinks that we tried. I wish I could of tasted everything on the menu, but how much caffeine can I really drink?

From the cold brew coffee bar list, I tried the "Rico Suave" (the picture is featured in the beginning of the article). It is made with cold brew coffee, organic chocolate, vanilla, and milk. The ingredients are a simple classic, but a staple needed in every coffee house. The coffee blend was smooth, the chocolate was rich, and the vanilla and milk ratios were perfect. If you want a traditional coffee drink, you've found your winner....hands down.

From the box specialties list, my husband had the "Florida Orange Fizz." It is made with cold brew coffee, muddled orange, and blood orange fizz. Who would ever think of adding an orange carbonated drink to coffee? Box Coffee did, and it actually works!

You guys should know me by now, I ordered the "Ginger Mule." As a moscow mule lover, I never imagined their would be a coffee version at this coffee bar or outside of my dreams! You should of seen my eyes glaze over and my mouth water when I saw this drink listed on the menu. It has cold brew coffee, muddled lime, ginger beer, and rosemary. Yes! A non-alcoholic mule to get your day started...can life get any sweeter? As excited as I was to taste this mule, I was a little nervous about coffee replacing vodka. Let's face it guys, they are totally different liquids. I took one sip, savored the taste, and then took another one. My husband waited patiently because he was dying to taste this "Ginger Mule." I took one more sip before reluctantly handing him my drink because I wasn't sure if I was ready to share it yet. It is absolutely delicious!

We also tried "Pink Bits." It is a cold brew hibiscus tea with watermelon, lime, ginger, and mint. I don't usually like watermelon drinks but I couldn't leave this coffee bar without savoring some cold tea. This drink was so refreshing and should really be used to cool you down on a warm Florida day.

The price point is great. Most of the drinks are around $5 dollars for adults and $3 for kids. I honestly believe this is a steal because they serve your drink in a 16 oz cup, they only serve high quality products, and the environment is beyond cool. They offer tea and coffees to start your day, keep your day going, or just to hang out with friends.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! I will never look at the coffeehouses in my neighborhood the same way. Bec and Lucas have transformed the cold brew for Wynwood and Florida. I'm excited for their future and I truly believe that the Coffee Box will become known as South Florida's first choice for a cold brewed coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Bar

175 NW 27th St Miami FL 33127

8 am - 7 pm Monday to Friday

10 am -8 pm Saturday & Sunday


PH: 305-677-2722

Website: https://www.boxcoffeemia.com/

Stop by and tell them that Lisa Marie sent you! You can thank me later. ; D


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