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Bonefish Grill: My Hurricane Savior

In Florida, we were struck by one of the greatest hurricanes that the Atlantic Ocean had ever seen. Despite Florida's grandiose presence on the map, most of the residents of Florida were affected by Hurricane Irma. Four million people lost power, many areas were flooded, trees were bent in odd positions, and certain areas of Florida were destroyed.

After two days without power, and four days of eating "hurricane food," my husband and I tried to think of where we would want to have our first hot meal. "There had to be a restaurant open," we muttered. At this time, the Fort Lauderdale Beach and its restaurants were closed for repair, the Pembroke Pines area was out of water, and many restaurants did not have power. We took a chance and called a "Bonefish Grill" in the suburbs of Plantation, FL. After a few rings, someone picked up and told me that they were open and there wasn't a wait. My husband and I jumped off of the couch and rushed to the car. We couldn't wait to taste something that didn't come out of a can or have peanut butter in it!

When we arrived at Bonefish Grill, we slipped into a a booth and began to order a feast to make up for the last few days of our hurricane prison. Warm bread and olive oil was immediately brought to the table. I try not to ruin my meal by indulging in too much bread before dinner but it was hard to resist because the bread was absolutely incredible. Three slices later, I pushed the plate towards my husband, signaling for him to take the bread away from me by any means necessary.

For our drinks, I ordered a moscow mule and my husband ordered a cucumber margarita. As you all know, moscow mules are one of my absolute favorite drinks. However, this was the most unique mule that I have ever ordered because like most moscow mules you get the ginger beer, vodka, and a decorated leaf thrown in for flavor or aesthetic appeal. This moscow mule actually had pieces of ginger on a stick to add flavor to the mule and to munch on as a snack. Maybe it's because of my Jamaican roots or just my desire for such strong and zestful flavors, I closed my eyes and took in every last bite of the chain of ginger that hung over my drink. My husband's cucumber margarita was good enough for him to wonder if I was taking a sip or if I should order my own. It was refreshing, but not like a bland cucumber taste that spas serve. This margarita belonged at the dinner table, alongside a great meal.

Most of our friends rave over the "Bang Bang Shrimp" appetizer dish. As tasty as it is, I'm not a huge fried food eater. So, my husband and I decided to have the "Saucy Shrimp." It is a shrimp dish that is sauteed in tomato sauce, garlic, and feta cheese. It's an American dish with a Mediterranean twist. The sauce was so tasty that I used some bread [that my husband did not discard : ( ] to savor more of the tomato sauce. Our server, who provided excellent service, stated that the "Saucy Shrimp" is not always on the menu but you can ask the chef to make it for you.

For our main course, I ordered the scallops, spinach, and scalloped potatoes. My husband ordered the rib-eye, broccoli, and scalloped potatoes. My entree was done to perfection. I often forgot that I was at a casual dining establishment because the food was cooked and presented a such a high standard. My husband's rib-eye looked nothing like the steak that I tried to prepare on the grill outside the night before. The steak was so tender and juicy. Also, the scalloped potatoes are my new favorite side dish at Bonefish Grill.

Extra information: Surprisingly, if you had asked me about my opinion about Bonefish Grill ten years ago, I would of grouped it with every other casual dining establishment. However, Bonefish Grill has evolved into an amazing restaurant throughout the years. They have amazing drinks and often provide flavors that are not commonly seen on restaurant menus. Their appetizers are innovative and their entrees are delicious. I have been to a few Bonefish Grill locations in Florida and the service and food have been consistent.

Would I recommend it: Yes! If you're interested in a causal date, business meal, or a good time with friends....Bonefish Grill is a great choice.

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