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Marion: Miami Spice 2017

Marion is a cool and contemporary Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Miami that exudes the flare of South Florida. When I arrived at Marion, I felt like a celebrity as I walked the runway and stopped in front of a a big photo banner to take pictures and create some memories of my night.

As I walked into the restaurant, I could feel the energy. The exuberance of the people letting down their hair and embracing the weekend, the liveliness of the music coming from the dj booth, and the spark of the chatter and laughter from friends as they gathered by the bar to socialize. The lights were dim and there were a few colorful lights cascading on the walls. Overall, Marion seemed like it attracted a sophisticated crowd that knew how to have a good time.

The hostess greeted my husband and me and sat as at our seats. We were overlooking the kitchen and this was pretty cool because we saw an array of beautifully prepared dishes and lobsters on ice. Some of the lobsters had a little life left in them to say hi a few times by giving me a small wave.

We came to Marion to try out the Miami Spice menu. The Miami Spice menu runs from August 1 - September 30. You can receive an appetizer, entree, and dessert for $39!

We started off with drinks. The drinks are an additional cost, but they are worth every penny. The Miami Spice menu offers three $8 cocktail options. I ordered a drink that came with Bulleit Bourbon, mint, lime, Angostura (bitters), and ginger beer. It was a harmonious blend with a kick at the end. I could definitely tell that Marion did not hold back on their premium liquor, so I made sure to sip my drink slowly. My husband kept it simple and ordered a lemonade.

For our starters, we ordered Crispy Prawns in spicy aioli and Miso Lollipop Wings slathered in Asian barbeque sauce. I quickly noted the Asian influences in each dish. It was definitely a nice Miami twist on traditional Asian cuisines. I really enjoyed the crispy prawns! The batter to shrimp ratio was perfect and the sauce accompanied it very well. The Miso lollipop wings were named perfectly. It truly tasted like a chicken lollipop; there was sweetness in each bite! The serving was perfect for 2 people.

The third starter on Marion's Miami Spice menu is a Butter Crab Roll in smoked ponzu. We didn't try this third choice. However, if you go, you have to share your thoughts with us!

For our main entree, we could have ordered Ginger Miso Baby Chicken with scallions and sesame, Seafood Lo Mein with egg noodles, mussels, prawns and squid, or the Wood-Fire Salmon Teriyaki served with ginger rice. Both my husband and I are fish lovers, so we both ordered the Salmon Teriyaki. Initially, I thought that the serving size was small. However, once you indulge on appetizers, the entree, and dessert you will definitely leave satisfied. My husband loved his Salmon Teriyaki! He cleaned his plate and I even saw him eyeing my plate! I personally thought the Salmon Teriyaki complimented the Asian style Miami Spice menu well. However, if I returned I would try a different entree on the Miami Spice menu or the regular menu.

Our dessert took a little bit longer to be served than expected. However, it was the highlight of the meal for me. For dessert, we could have had the Matcha Green Tea Molten Lava Cake or a daily selection of sorbet with fruit. The Matcha Green Tea Molten Lava Cake was perfection on a plate. It was warm and moist, and had a nice surprise within. Don't be alarmed by the green lava, it is delicious! I honestly would go back to Marion just to have the molten lava cake. The fruit dessert is a healthy choice with a sweet serving of sorbet for those looking for a lighter finish to their meal.

Extra information: The servers are extremely meticulous about keeping the restaurant clean and all the servers work well together. A drop of water couldn't last on our table for more than 15 seconds without 1-2 servers wiping it down. I was extremely impressed by their keen observation, and I have actually compared them to other establishments since my dinner there.

Would I recommend it: I am looking forward to returning back to Marion to try their regular menu. The Miami Spice menu definitely peaked my interest. However, a few dishes that people ordered on the regular menu made me salivate as the servers walked by. Marion is a great place to meet with friends or co-workers for a night out. They also have a really cool private room that decorated impeccably with Miami flare and style.

Relax, let the dj play your favorite tune, and enjoy the food!

Marion 1111 SW First Ave., Miami; 786-717-7512; marionmiami.com. Monday through Thursday noon to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday noon to midnight.


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