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Crust: Italian Never Tasted This Good!

Crust is Miami's number one restaurant on TripAdvisor. Miami is the home of over 3,400 restaurants. so to be voted number one is quite an accomplishment. Crust is an authentic Italian restaurant. The Kovaceski family own and create culinary magic in the Crust kitchen. They have created a restaurant known for its distinctive pizzas and Italian dishes. They take traditional Italian food and add such a fresh and rich flavor in each bite!

A few weeks ago, I thought about all of the local restaurants in my area and I was not in the mood to eat at any of them. I wanted something new; a meal that would drop me to my feet. My palate gets bored easily and it needed a pop of flavor and creativity. I scrolled through my phone and noted the high markings that Crust received. After debating between take-out or dining in, my husband and I decided to take the 30 minute drive to check out this restaurant.

On our search, I realized that the restaurant is near the Marlins stadium. It's in a remote area that offers valet parking due to the limited parking spots. The restaurant used to be a private home that was built in the 1950s, but you would never know it! After we were assisted by the valet, we walked into our Crust experience. The restaurant has an outdoor patio to enjoy this restaurant's authentic Italian food and the Florida weather at the same time. Since it was late in the evening, my husband and I opted for an indoor table. We were greeted by a friendly hostess and manager, and they immediately brought us to our table. The restaurant is dim and mirrors many classic old-world Italian restaurants. The large flat screen televisions add a modern element. While we were there the television was on the Food Network. I'm not sure if the food on the television made me even hungrier, but it definitely added to the experience. There was definitely a buzz in the restaurant as the guest enjoyed their company and picture worthy entrees came out left and right. It is a family style restaurant so couples, families, and good friends shared plates and laughter throughout the restaurant.

My husband and I ordered the meatball pizza and the chicken parmesan. You can't get any more Italian than that! The pizza was devine! Each slice offered a hearty portion of beef and turkey meatballs, ricotta cheese, and the freshest herbs possible.

Please excuse me while I close my eye and relive each bite.

Okay, I'm back. The chicken parmesan was amazing as well. The chicken was tender and juicy, the crust was flaky and seasoned well, and the sauce was incredible! I can't wait to go back and try more dishes. My husband has actually made the thirty minute drive alone to get a pizza pie since we ate there! I know, it's shameful. However, he will drive an unlimited amount of miles for great food.

For dessert, we ordered the lemoncello cake. This cake is now on my top 5 lemoncello cake list! My husband usually orders his lemoncello cake from the Cheesecake Factory. However,I don't think that will ever happen again! I better get used to the additional miles on our cars.

Extra information: Yes, they do deliver! I wish they delivered to Broward County, but that may be asking a lot.

Would I recommend it?: Absolutely! I want the family to adopt me. : D j/k

I'm not sure if the food has a Macedonian inspired flare from the Kovasecki family or if they have some magical wands in the kitchen, but this restaurant is a must try.

Address: 668 NW Fifth St. Miami.

Contact: 305-371-7065, crust-usa.com

Hours: 5 p.m.- 10 p.m. Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday; till 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday

FYI: Full bar, private all- or half-night parties available on request


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