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People's Choice Award for the Best Tacos in Florida

The Florida Palate is determined to find the best that Florida has to offer and we are taking one food item at a time. In the months of April and May we searched for the best tacos in Florida and we requested the help of our followers. By the end of our time frame, the people spoke loudly and chose their favorite taco restaurant in Florida. “Tacos The Fury” won our People’s Choice award by a landslide by bringing in the most votes!

“Tacos The Fury” is a food truck on Calle Ocho that started its journey with a husband and wife duo in the food industry. The wife, Katiushka Gardiol was a waiter at a Mexican restaurant and her husband held the position of the chef. He seasoned and prepared the meat for the restaurant. The restaurant owners did not have enough money to pay Katiushka and her only source of income came from tips. The ambitious couple knew that they would not be able to continue under these terms, so they spoke to the manager about making similar food items in a different location. The owner understood and gave them his blessings. The couple saved their money, and after they reached their goal they rented a food truck in August of 2015.

Initially, they placed their food truck on Coral Way in Miami, FL. However, the surrounding community didn’t embrace them as they expected. They were selling tacos, but not the amount that they expected. Katiushka may have been discouraged, but she wasn’t defeated. The couple continued to persevere in their current location until one day, Katiushka was on the bus and she saw a gas station on Calle Ocho. Her mind started running a mile a minute about her food truck. She called the owner and inquired about opening her food truck at his gas station. The hours of operation that the gas station owner suggested was perfect for the Gardiol family, so they quickly made the change in location from Coral Way to Calle Ocho. Once the truck moved to Calle Ocho, they became a hit! They were paired with the right target audience and the community embraced them in their new setting.

The food truck is family run, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see the owners in the truck, while their daughters serve the food and clean up tables. Even though it is a food truck, they have outdoor casual dining set up for their customers to have a seat while they enjoy their meal. The family roots run so deeply that the name of the restaurant actually comes from the owner’s daughter, Victoria. When she was young, if she ate something spicy, she would say “la furia” (translates to spicy in English). So, the owners wanted to incorporate this phrase into the name of their restaurant.

A typical day for the Gardiol family includes the owners going to the store to buy fresh ingredients. Since all of their sauces are discarded at the end of the day, they whip up a new batch every morning. They state that even though their family history lies in Uruguay, they would like to share a truly authentic Mexican experience for their customers each day. They are open to compliments and suggestions, and they always have a listening ear for their customers, especially those from Mexico.

At “Tacos The Fury,” the most popular tacos are the mixed tacos. You may be wondering what comes in a mixed taco. It is an assortment of pig ears, tongue, stomach, and skin. Many people favor this taco and others are adventurous enough to try it. However, if you are more on the timid side, you can order typical beef or chicken tacos.

The “Tacos The Fury” family hopes to move from a food truck to a restaurant on Calle Ocho soon. If you haven’t been to “Tacos The Fury,” you should stop by the renowned Calle Ocho and take a seat by this food truck to taste the “People’s Choice” for best taco in Florida!


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