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Epicurean Hotel: Southern Sophistication with an Urban Twist

The Epicurean Hotel is a boutique hotel in Tampa, Florida. It is the epicenter of charming restaurants, an up and coming area, and great people. The Epicurean is a luxurious hotel that brings an urban flare to the city of Tampa. It melts a foodie's heart, places a new spin on an art hotel, and provides the southern charm that makes you keep going back.

The Epicurean has 137 guest rooms and suites, a dining area, pool, spa, coffee shop, ballrooms, rooftop bar, and a culinary theater! How many boutique hotels do you know that offers so many unique accommodations?

My sister-in-law lives in Tampa, so I have been to Tampa quite a few times. However, South Tampa is a totally different world. Similar to the Epicurean, South Tampa is young, edgy, artsy, and very modern. There is an evident contrast between South Tampa and the rest of Tampa.

When my husband and I drove up to the hotel, there was a beautiful mural on the opposite wall of the hotel. It was painted in hues or red, orange, and yellow and it was a nice contrast against the white wall. The mural's vibrant energy popped from the wall, and it sparked my curiosity about the Epicurean hotel even more.

When we walked into the hotel, I was really surprised by the cool, contemporary vibe of the lobby. The concierge greeted us with wine glasses so that we could sample some wine and just when we thought that our arrival couldn't get any cooler...the concierge staff grabbed his ipad and stated that he was going to check us into the hotel from our suite. I thought this was so innovative! Who wants to wait in line or go through paperwork after being in a car for 3-4 hours? No one! It was really nice having the concierge staff do the check-in inside the room because I was ready to relax and unwind.

Like any hotel we go to, we can't really sit still for too long until we have explored the premises. So, we got up and went on our voyage. We started in the lobby and walked through the next corridor. There is a shoe shine parlor to the right. I'm not sure if people can actually get their shoes shine there or if its more for the southern artistic nature.

Up ahead, we ran into the Epicurean theatre to the left and the lounge area to the right. The Epicurean theatre is set up like a college lecture room. The chairs and desk are higher than the last one each row like a theater. In the front of the room is a kitchen that doubles as the culinary stage. We were told that the hotel has cooking classes, competitions, and many different culinary events in the theatre. The most impressive part of the theatre is the plaque on the wall showing that many of the events in the Epicurean theatre have their proceeds help in feeding people in need in Tampa. Across from the theatre, their is a lounge area that reminds me of someone's living room or study. It is a comfortable space for guests to hang out.

As we continued on our path, we walked straight into Elevage. This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and room service for the room. It is beautifully decorated. I did not have the opportunity to eat at the restaurant, but it will definitely be on my list for my next visit.

After you pass the restaurant, there is a hallway of banquet rooms to host events. This hallway leads straight to the pool area. The pool area is known for its monthly Tampa parties and yoga on the upstairs terrace.

On the second floor, the rooms have an outside terrace to relax and enjoy some nature. My room was on the second floor. The room has a doorbell! I loved this because it only works if the privacy switch is off. So, that means that you can get undisturbed rest if your privacy switch is on.

The room is so urban and artistic. It is very cozy at 365 square feet, and it has a homely feel. The bathroom has clean and sharp edges to match the room's urban appeal. The tile in the shower is black and it is contrasted by white tile in the shower. There is a closet with hangers and a robe. The room has a mini wine shelf! Since the hotel is affiliated with Bern's steakhouse (a restaurant across the street that is known for its wine), you can pop open a bottle of wine and have it charged to your room. The bed is super cozy. I have a sleep number bed at home, so I usually have a hard time enjoying beds on vacation, but I was really impressed by this mattress. As a second floor perk, you can walk right outside onto the terrace. The terrace has shared outdoor seating and overlooks a tented area where the hotel host their yoga class or events. The hotel architects are very clever. The terrace faces a parking garage, but you would never know it because they have covered it with a mural. You can hear some highway noise from the second floor veranda, but only when you are outside. It was a low hum and it didn't bother us at all.

On the fourth floor, the Epicurean hotel has a rooftop bar called Edge, which is open to hotel guests and locals. The bartenders a diverse drink list and they are open to making variations on the menu to meet your needs. The artwork and murals continue on the fourth floor to make it just as vibrant as the remainder of the hotel. The drinks are really good and it's a really great place to relax with a drink and a few friends as you look at the view of the city. We invited my sister-in-law and her husband over to enjoy the view. They live in Tampa, and even they were blown away!

On the first floor, outside of the hotel there is a bakery called "Chocolate Pi" and a spa named, "Evangeline." The baker takes care of all of the desserts at Bern's steakhouse. We were there during the Memorial Day Weekend so the bakery was closed. We'll definitely have to make a special visit in the future because the cakes in the window were breathtaking.

Evangeline is a small spa, but the staff has been blessed with some mighty hands. My husband and I both enjoyed a massage that probably took about 5 years off of our life! We both left feeling so rejuvenated.

Price: The price of the room is almost robbery! I live in South Florida, so you could never stay at a hotel in South Florida like The Epicurean for the prices offered.

Cleanliness: The hotel is very clean. The room service staff is prompt and the property is spotless.

Extra Information:

You can rent bikes from the hotel to enjoy in the town.

The hotel offers packages for you to enjoy both your hotel and Bern's Steakhouse in one visit.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! I loved it! If you're going there for romance or business, you'll be extremely satisfied. The only need that this hotel does not meet is that it is not a beach front property. However, the beach is within driving distance.

Epicurean Hotel

1207 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606


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