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Lemoni Cafe: Winner of the People's Choice Award for the Best Vegetarian Friendly Restaurant in

Lemoni Cafe is nestled in the Design district of Miami, FL. It is a quaint restaurant that is small in size but mighty in flavor! Similar to most love stories, this food story started in the depths of a friendship between two ladies by the name of Maria and Assia. These two ladies were working together in a former restaurant and decided to venture out on an adventure that would change their lives forever.

In 2007, they placed their efforts together to open Lemoni Cafe, and it opened its doors in 2008. The two ladies agreed to split the restaurant duties with Maria taking care of the front of the house and Chef Assia working her magic in the kitchen. Maria's family is from Argentina and Italy and Assia's family is from France and Morocco. The diverse backgrounds of the owners is definitely a reflection of the menu. The name Lemoni has sentimental roots, as it is Assia's grandmother's name and it couldn't be more fitting because the restaurant represents the love of family and the joy of friendship.

Lemoni Cafe has become a big hit in the Miami food scene and people have driven from the southern and northernmost locations in Florida to check out this culinary unique eatery. The owners are thinking of opening another Lemoni Cafe in Miami by next year, but like most successful restaurant owners they are looking for the right place and time to continue their journey.

In my first visit to Lemoni Cafe, I circled the area looking for parking. I noticed that everyone that found a parking spot were headed into the restaurant. The crowd was diverse. I saw ladies meeting for lunch, police officers haning out with their peers, and people dining by themselves. The scope of diversity dining in this cozy restaurant matched the myriad of dishes on the menu.

The items on the menu really surprised me because it is extremely vast and detailed. It caters to every eater especially vegetarians. There are dishes where the protein can be separated, vegetarian entrees are plentiful, and they also have great gluten free desserts. Anybody can find great entrees, including the pickiest eater or eaters that have dietary restrictions. I quickly realized why this restaurant received so many votes for the best vegetarian friendly restaurant in Florida.

I was also blown away by the price of the food at Lemoni Cafe. It is more than reasonable for the quantity and quality being served. They even have a plaque on the wall honoring them for feeding the community at such a great price. Lemoni Cafe caters to both the frequent restaurant eaters and to the working person that wants to eat well and feel good, but may not always have a lot of money to spend at a restaurant.

At Lemoni Cafe, the intimacy of the restaurant, smiles on the servers face, and seasoned food makes the restaurant the people's choice for best vegetarian food in Florida and one of the tastiest places to eat in Miami, FL. I was blown away by the food and I look forward to having another dining experience with them. Lemoni Cafe is not only one of the best vegetarian friendly restaurants in Florida, but it is a restaurant worth going to repeatedly because the food is great, the environment is one of a kind, and you're offered amazing food at a very fair price.

Make sure to stop by and let me know what you think! 4600 NE 2nd Ave #8, Miami, FL 33137

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