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The Oceanaire Seafood Room: Dallas' Finest Seafood Restaurant

The Oceanaire Seafood Room is currently my favorite restaurant in Dallas, Texas! I've been to Dallas, Texas twice, and the Oceanaire provides the best dining experience by far. I was completely blown away during my last visit and I can't wait to return. The Oceanaire Seafood Room is a fine dining establishment that offers seafood, steaks, and great drinks. It is located at the Galleria mall, in the heart of Dallas, Texas. It has a welcoming atmosphere, stellar service, and amazing food.

My husband travels to Dallas, Texas frequently and he couldn't wait to take me to The Oceanaire Seafood Room. As we walked in, we were greeted by smiling faces and friendly welcomes. I glanced around the room and noticed the restaurant's dimly lit elegance, and its hint of romance. I was proud of my husband for choosing such a sophisticated restaurant for our date night. The Oceanaire Seafood Room looked like a sea of linen tables, lined with wine glasses and dark brown contemporary chairs. It has an upstairs area for more private dining and a large bar area.

I was excited to get started, especially since my husband raved about the restaurant on the way there. We started off with drinks. I ordered one of my favorites, the Moscow Mule. It came in a cute copper mug and it did not disappoint! My husband tried one of his newly discovered drinks called "The Old Fashion." It's a "manly drink" made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol and a twist of citrus rind.

Our appetizer was absolutely incredible! We ordered the "Buttermilk Fried Calamari." It was accompanied by spicy salsa diablo and salsa verde. I can honestly say that it was the best calamari that I have ever had in my life. They fried a few pieces of lemon and jalapenos and mixed it in with the calamari for a great pop of taste and flavor! The crunch of the squid, tartness of the lemon, and heat from the jalapeno made the perfect dish. I was really impressed!

For our entrees, I ordered the "Seared Jumbo Maine Sea Scallops Piccata." It comes with spinach, caper beurre blanc, and parmesan breadcrumbs. It was delicious! The scallop was tender, the bread crumbs added a slight crunch, and the beds of spinach went very well with this dish.

The staff at The Oceanaire Seafood Room really want you to enjoy your experience. My husband wasn't sure what to get, but he knew that he wanted a fish entree. So, he was given a choice of pairing his own choice of fish with a preparation from any of the fish entrees on the menu. He decided to choose the Texas Redfish entree with "Black & Bleu" sauce which is made from bleu cheese butter. He really enjoyed his meal. Unfortunately, I didn't taste it because I was too focused on my own entree.

The Oceanaire Seafood room has a list of sides that you can order to accompany your entree. For our side dish, we ordered the "Hashbrowns a la Ocenaire" Most of you know, carbs are my weakness and hash browns are not an exception. However, not everyone knows how to prepare golden hash browns with lots of flavor. I'm not exactly sure what the chefs of the Oceanaire Seafood Room place in their "Hashbrowns a la Oceanaire," but it was a plate full of heavenly goodness!

Price: The meals at The Oceanaire Seafood Room are on the pricier side. However, your not at a casual diner. This restaurant offers fine ingredients, fresh seafood, and has a renowned culinary team. I thought it was worth every penny.

Service: I really felt right at home at the Oceanaire. Ryan and Lisa are a part of the management team and they have really added the unique charm to the Oceanaire Seafood Room that keeps people coming back. They were so warm and friendly! Thomas, our server, was attentive, gave us great recommendations, and he really made us feel comfortable. I felt the Texas hospitality!

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! I have gone to Dallas twice and no other restaurant compares to the service, quality of the food, and uniqueness of the menu. The following night in Dallas, I went to the well-renowned Pappas Bros. and I was disappointed because my experience did not match The Oceanaire Seafood Room. Make sure to stop by and tell me about your experience.

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